Raynaud's Disease Homeopathic Treatment

Discoloration of the extremities caused due to lack of blood supply because of cold and emotional stress is called Raynaud's disease.
It is more common in women then men.


When exposed to cold or the triggering emotional stress the fingers and toes become pale, cold and numb and then blue when the oxygen supply is depleted. When the blood supply returns on warming the extremities turn red with tingling and swelling.


People suffering from Raynaud's disease should keep their extremities warm by wearing gloves and socks. They should stay away from artificially cooled places like highly air conditioned spaces and touching cold objects. Patients are advised against decongestants, caffeinated food, smoking as it is known to trigger or worsen the disease.. Patients should also stay away from emotional stress.

Conventional Treatment:

It depends on the extent of the disease. In mild to moderate cases heat bands and hand warmers are used on the wrists blood vessels .In extreme cases medicines are used to dilate blood vessels or antidepressant medicines to prevent frequency and severity of disease. Biofeedback is also used to control the involuntary functions of our body such as temperature regulation in the extremities.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathy has certain scope in Raynaud's disease. It can reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.

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