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    Dr Shah’s patients are pan-India,

    literally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Godhara to Guwahati;
    from each state and city, and from thousands of villages as well.


Simi Thomas - UAE - Atopic Dermatitis

The experience has its share of varied response initially when we started we were hesitate as  we were  not too
sure about homeopathy treatment and moreover we not heard this term ATOPIC DERMATITIS for the very first time
its almost 4 years now and we have gradually seen tremendous improvement on my son's skin  compared to what
it was in year 2013 when we started the treatment overall a relief and happy to see my son enjoying his playfull
years without any severity of rashes  though it used to be very frequent  earlier

Veronica Koh - Singapore - Atopic Dermatitis

We are all very happy that this difficult case of Eczema of my son William is getting on so well with the homeopathic treatment. His multiple allergy problems too have responded very well. He does not seem to react much to food that he is allergic to, e.g. cookies containing eggs. His skin is now much smoother and less scaly especially on his feet. There is no more itching, oozing, pus, or fluid after he scratches. He doesn't have bad breakouts if he eats something he's allergic to. I have been sharing the advantages of homeopathy with family and friends and acquaintances. On the whole we are very happy with homeopathic treatment and grateful to you. Thank you.

Naveen Jain - United States - Atopic Dermatitis

Naveen has been showing a good progress in his Eczema. His Eczema has improved a lot since the time we started homeopathic treatment and we have not used any topical steroids on him. This is the first time in last 3 years that Naveen had a break from the topical steroids and we are very pleased with this. Symptomatically, he is very comfortable now with less itching and sleeping better. We are very pleased that he can take a brief break from topical steroids now. Thanks you for your support, advice and great care.

Parents of C. L. S - Texas, United States - Atopic Dermatitis

For the last 3 and a half months we were completely surprised and overwhelmingly happy about your homeopathic medication for Atopic Dermatitis. Your product has given my son new hope to a normal childhood, your treatment gave hope and happiness I can't even describe to you how forever grateful we are to you! I will not give up hope that somehow your treatment will kick the bad stuff out of his body and give him relief again like it had been for the past three months and a half.

Ms. P. K - Mumbai, India - Atopic Dermatitis

Our daughter had Eczema since she was about 6 months old. We tried lots of other treatments but got no relief. She had very severe itching and eruptions all over the body and nothing seemed to relieve her off the Eczema. But after homeopathic treatment under Dr Shah, her Eczema improved very well and is a lot more better now. We are very thankful to Dr Shah for curing our daughter of the Eczema which she had since infancy.


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