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Psoriasis Testimonials

A. M., India

There has been really fast improvement in the psoriasis. I am very happy.

D. B., India

The results are very good, my palm is almost clean and no new spots have developed. There is not much improvement in the feet. Overall the results are very satisfactory. There is no increase or decrease. It has almost stabilised getting better on palm from which the decrease initially started. Almost no spot in the palm for last one month which is a good sign.

R. A., India

In the first interval of 2 months medication I did not notice any difference at all, but during the last two months the improvement is drastic. I can feel the healing and I would say that there is a cure to the extent of 30% from what I started with. I am really excited about it. The rate of scaling has definetely gone down. The itching and redness I would say that has gone down by atleast 20% and I am really happy about it. Yes I do notice considerable healing in the existing spots by 15%.

C. S., USA

50% less oral pain. I have had positive results during this course of treatment. No new eruptions. The vaginal area is 80% better. I had the best results from this round of medication. I want to have more improvement.


A Force that was changed my life for the better that how I would put Life Force in words. Psoriasis since 6 yrs, had taken a hell on my mental and physical state. Depression, anxiety, embarrassment; were things a hade to put up with constantly. I knew I had to do something to get out of the omission and effects of Psoriases. I started treatment in August 10 on the recommendation of a family member I started with a right recitation because I had already tried allopath, homeopathy, naturopathy etc. But they only provide temporary relief, but now, Life Force has really thought about a positive and really strong change in my condition. I am able to go at with friends and family members and enjoying all things I missed for the past 6 years, I would really thank Dr. Anand and Dr. Rajesh Shah and his entire team for bringing about this change. Wish them good luck for the future about this change. Wish then good luck for the future. Click here to view original testimonial
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A. ATREYA, India

I am very satisfied with the treatment given to my daughter in life force. She had mild Psoriasis on the palm and sole. We came to know about life force from the website. In one year she has been cured of it. Click here to view original testimonial
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My health (over all) has improved tremendously. My Psoriasis is finally under control. After being treated unsuccessfully for four years by various forms of medicine, Life Force homeopathy has managed successfully and cured in a few months.Click here to view original testimonial
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