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R. S. London, UK

Tremendous improvement since the treatment began and I am noticing continual improvement. My legs are less successful. I have complete clearance on my back now and I do not need to use any creams. My stomach and chest are much better. This is just remarkable.

K. L., Ontario, Canada - Chalazion

The chalazion have shown incredible improvement. The size has reduced by 60%.

I know they shall be gone for sure. 

Thanks a lot Dr Shah. 

J. K., Klazienaveen, Netherlands

I can really feel the improvement in my lichen planus. Now I have these time periods in which I have no problems (that means no blisters). Few spots still occur now and then, but less frequent than they used to be earlier and they disappear sooner. I hope this situation will continue, or improve even more. I am really glad my lichen planus has improved and I believe you can help me further.


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