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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

    Research for revolution in the treatment of chronic diseases

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Urvi Patel, Bangkok , Thailand - Child Asthma

Asthma treatment was very good. Compared to what I had come here with, my condition today is very good. When I came here, I had lots of problem in breathing - asthma and now I feel I am breathing like a normal person. I feel the air around me now. The homeopathic medicines have cured me of Asthma. 

R. C., USA

I feel better I have seen improvement, the pain in my hands is less intense when it hurts. I have more strength in my hands and fingers, it is less difficult to open bottles. When I cook at the end I feel light discomfort and pain in my hands but it goes away fast. I feel pain is less intense than before and it goes away fast. Overal I thing I feel 20% better and 80% to go.

R. V. I., India

I RVI, from India, was suffering from Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis. Since last 20 years I was suffering from psoriasis, I had reddish patches all over the body. They were extensive and caused severe itching and scaling of the skin. I would always feel chilliness in my body and there was this constant feverish feeling. Despite a lot of Allopathic medicines like steroids, methotrexate and cyclosporine, there was only temporary relief. In fact I started developing severe swelling and stiffness in my joints involving the hands and was informed by my Dr that I was developing Psoriatic Arthritis, which is one of the complications of Psoriasis. Mentally I was shattered and frustrated as these strong Allopathic medicines failed to give me any significant relief. I was losing hope of ever having a healthy skin and a normal life. Within 5 months of starting Dr Shah`s treatment, the psoriasis was still the same how ever there was significant relief in my joint pains, swelling was much better. With pain reducing I calmed down a bit however I was still worried as I was still getting the skin rashes. Within 7 months of treatment, I started seeing lot of improvement in my psoriasis, the itching was much less; the scaling of skin reduced and there were no new spots of Psoriasis. There was further improvement in my joint pains. The pain and swelling reduced by I can say almost 90 %. I am very thankful to Dr Shah for helping me have a healthy skin and regaining back my hope.


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