A Great Relief From Chronic Heel Pain Due To Calcaneal Spur Found With Homeopathic Medicines

    A 60-year-old lady, Mrs. R. A. L. (PIN: 36402) approached Life Force in April 2018 with the complaints of severe pain in her right heel for the past five to six months. She had already done X-ray of her heel which was suggestive of a calcaneal spur on the plantar aspect of the right heel. She complained of pricking type of pain and extreme difficulty in walking, particularly the initial movement was painful. Standing for long hours or walking for long hours would trigger the pain. There was no tingling sensation or numbness in the foot. She would feel better by resting. She took some conventional medicines but that gave her temporary relief and the pain increased as soon as the effect of medicines went off.

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    Besides Calcaneal Spur, she also had complaints of Osteoarthritis affecting her knees for the past three to four years. She had pain, swelling, and stiffness in the knees. She also had the complaints of some cracking in the knees. She was put on calcium and vitamin D3 supplements by her family physician. She also complained of recurring corns on her soles for the past four or five years that were painful and quite hard.

    In the past, she had undergone minor surgery to operate cataract, approximately five months ago. Apart from that, there were no major health issues in her past. 

    In her family, her father suffered from Asthma, and her brother was a diabetic.

    She was an overweight lady measuring about 74kgs. She had a purely vegetarian diet with no specific likings or preferences for food. She had an average thirst for liquids and was more sensitive to the cold than heat. She did not complain of any sleep disturbances.

    As far as her family set up was concerned, she was a homemaker. Her husband was retired. She had one son who was 38 years old and was CEO of some export company. Her 35 years old daughter was married.

    Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail, advised her certain food restrictions, particularly sour food was to be restricted for her calcaneal spur as well as for osteoarthritis. She was advised to walk on a daily basis for managing her weight. Based on her case presentation, Dr. Shah prescribed her Medorrhinum 200 and Calcarea Fluoricum 30 for six weeks.


    Her first follow-up was on the 25th of May 2018. There was no significant improvement, as homeopathic medicines take the time of about six to eight weeks to produce positive results.

    In the next follow-up on 16th of July, 2018, the patient’s health started improving. There was almost 25% to 30% relief in her heel pain. Knee pain also started responding. As a result, the patient started walking more comfortably and that, in turn, made her lose some weight. Revised medicines were given to the patient for six weeks.

    For the next couple of follow-ups, the patient did not visit the clinic and just ordered medicines over the phone as she was improving.

    When she visited on 11th April 2019, her relief from the heel pain (due to calcaneal spur) was better by more than 70%. She could stand and walk without any discomfort, though prolonged walking was still causing some discomfort. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah again and he added Calcarea Carbonicum in her prescription.

    Her latest follow-up was on 23rd May 2019. The relief from all her complaints related to Calcaneal Spur was completely better. There was no pain or discomfort whatsoever, and the patient had experienced a total recovery from the discomfort of this agonizing ailment. She thanked Dr. Shah immensely to help her get rid of this disease.

    This case is a good example of how effectively homeopathy treats a difficult disease like Calcaneal Spur. A calcaneal spur is nothing but a bony outgrowth in the heel which happens when the foot is exposed to constant stress and, as a result, calcium deposits build up on the bottom of the heel bone. Homeopathy offers excellent symptomatic relief. However, medicines cannot reverse the bony growth. 

    Written by Dr. Amrita Utekar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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    A 60-year-old lady, Mrs. R. A. L. (PIN: 36402) approached Life Force in April 2018 with the complaints of severe pain in her right heel for the past five to six months. She had already done X-ray of her heel which was suggestive of a calcaneal spur on the plantar aspect of the right heel. She com.....Read more

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