Dr. Rajesh Shah's advice on Hepatitis B

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Scope of Homeopathy: It can reduce viral load and reduce liver damage
Homeopathy can be taken as supplementary as well as alternative therapy

    A Hepatitis B Infected 30-Years-Old Man Felt Better In 9 Months

    A 30-years-old male patient with (PIN- 29658) visited Life Force on 3rd September 2016 for treating his Hepatitis B. He got diagnosed with Hepatitis B virus infection just a month ago, when he donated blood in a camp. Before this, he had donated blood in 2010, but at that time he was not infected with HBV. Also, he had undergone a dental procedure 5-7 months ago. He had occasional indigestion, whenever he was visiting his native place. He also suffered from mild yellowness of sclera. Since the last 6-7 years he had mild eructations when he was on empty stomach or after meal and occasionally burning in epigastrium after eating spicy food. Also, he suffered from unsatisfactory stool sometimes. He was not on any treatment.


    HBs Ag- positive

    Associated Complaints:

    He suffered from pyorrhoea - bleeding from gums daily since the last 2 years. He also suffered from unilateral headache twice in a month that used to start in the evening around 5-6 pm and subside only after sleep. Usually, pain used to start at occiput and extends to the right eye with pain in eyeball, watering from eyes, and redness in eyes. He suffered from pulling type of pain in eyes and flashes, floaters before the eyes.

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    He used to have a mixed diet with excessive appetite. Patient liked to have spicy and sour food the most. He also loves fruits and non-veg. He never had any addictions. But, his water intake was less usually taking one to one and a half liters of water. His perspiring was very less. He used to feel comfortable in warm climate. His bowels were satisfactory. He enjoyed a sound sleep, but with fearful dreams of snake, accident, and someone is getting beaten up or murdered.

    About Patient And Family-Setup:

    He is working in Accenture back office. He was married, and wife was a homemaker. He has two kids, son 5-years-old and daughter 1.5-years-old. His father was a farmer, and mother was a homemaker. And, his brother was a marble-fitting worker.

    Life Profile:

    His childhood was unhappy, as his mother went through 8 surgeries. But, otherwise he was a happy-go-lucky person. He had a mild personality and he used to talk less. His whole family was dependent on him. Now, he was unsettled in life.

    He never had any history of illness in past.

    Family History:

    His father had Ischaemic heart disease, and mother had renal calculus and gallstone.

    His weight was 52 Kg and BP- 120/90.

    After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Lycopodium clavatum - 30 and some research based medicine for 6 weeks. And, he advised him test for Hepatitis B viral load and Liver function test.

    HBSag: reactive

    Anti HBC: Reactive (7.50)
    ANTI HBC IgM Reactive (0.06)
    Anti HBE:0.01 +VE
    HBEAg: -ve
    HBSAg antibpody: non reactive

    HBV DNA:276IU/ML

    Indicates chronic infection with HBV

    So, the patient was on regular follow-up with Life Force. In March, when the patient had visited for follow-up, he was having a complete relief from burning in chest, indigestion when at native place, and unsatisfactory stool. Also, his headache got reduced by almost 100%. But, his pyorrhoea still continued. Since he got symptomatically almost better, we advised him Hepatitis B viral load. And, doctor prescribed him Lycopodium clavatum - 30 and some researched based medicine for 6 weeks.

    Following are the reports - done on May 2, 2017

    Total Protein 8.0 gm / dl
    Serum Albumin 4.5 g / dL (3.4 -5 )
    Serum Globulin 3.5 g /dL (2.8-3.0
    SGOT 24
    SGPT 26 IU/ L(30-65 )
    Alkaline Phosphatase 79 mu / ml

    HBV DNA:276IU/ML


    1.Viral load PCR HbsAg: <20

    So, in July 2017, when the patient visited for his follow-up and next medicine, he was asymptomatic except for the pyorrhoea complaint which was still present. And, he had very mild headache once. The doctor prescribed him the same set of medicine for 6 weeks.

    Patient is still under our treatment.


    Viral infection like Hepatitis B can be treated with homeopathy very well. 

    -Written by Dr. Priyanka P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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