Complete Recovery From Vitiligo Found In 2.5 Years With Homeopathy

    A 19-year-old female patient, Ms. P.B. (PIN: 35642) visited the Borivali branch of Life Force on 11th February 2018 for the treatment of her Vitiligo.


    She had hypopigmented patches on her right eyelid and chin for one year. The patches were increasing in size and spreading further but at a very slow pace. These patches were bilaterally asymmetrical. Koebner’s phenomenon in her case was negative.


    She had a family history of Diabetes Mellitus and Eczema. She was taking Homeopathic treatment from a local physician for one year with no major relief.


    In addition to this, she also complained of PCOD. Her menses were irregular. She would get her periods once in three to four months. Her grandmother and mother too had the same problem.


    Ms. P.B. followed a mixed diet. She had a sweet tooth, and she craved chicken and spicy food. She does not like sour food and milk. She does not feel thirsty too often and had approximately one liter of water a day.


    Her mother said that she perspired a lot, and her sweat was very offensive. She also used to sweat on the palms and soles. Her mother said that she cannot bear a hot climate and wanted the fan most of the time.


    Ms. P.B. had no bowel complaints nor any issues related to urination.


    She stayed with her parents and had a younger brother who was studying in the fifth standard. She was studying in the 11th standard. Her mother was a homemaker, and her father was a businessman.


    Ms. P.B. had a happy and well-supported childhood and teenage. She was pampered a lot. Her mother said that she was very sensitive and preferred to be alone. She was an introvert. She won’t tell or express if she was hurt and tried to hide her feelings.


    Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed his research-based molecules to the patient.



    In the first follow-up, on 18th April 2018, no change was observed in her condition. The patches were as it is, but she had got her periods. She had got them after six months.


    On 4th June 2018, her mother said that there was a slight improvement in her relief. Her skin patches turned less bright.


    Meanwhile, Ms. P.B. got the investigations were done which were advised to her. Her vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 levels were low and hence supplements were prescribed to the patient.


    On 20th September 2018, the patient’s mother reported at the Borivali branch and said that there was a further improvement in her recovery. Dr. Shah revised the prescription and prescribed research-based molecules along with Phosphorous to the patient.


    Ms. P.B.’s mother reported on 6th January 2019 and said that there was a lot of improvement, particularly on the spot on the patient’s chin. The spot on the eye was slightly better.


    On 4th May 2019, Ms. P.B. reported that the patches appeared a little brighter in the last two weeks. On asking her the details, he said that she was stressed out due to her exams. The recovery from the patch on her chin was better, but the patch on her eyelid was brighter.


    By 16th June 2019, the spot on her chin was completely better. There was complete re-pigmentation seen in that area, and the patch on the right eyelid was getting better too.


    On the 5th January 2020, Ms. P.B. reported that the white patch on the chin had completely disappeared, and the recovery from the patch on her right eyelid was 95% better.


    She reported at the branch on 23rd February 2020 and mentioned that she could notice a faint area on the right breast. On examination, it appeared as a faint spot under the Wood’s lamp. Her medicines were revised again this time.


    On 13th April 2020, Ms. P.B. said that the spot on her chest was no more visible, but the spot on her eyelid was still present.


    On 29th July 2020, Ms. P.B. filled up the online progress report and mentioned that she was 100% better. The spot on her right eyelid was not visible at all, although it was slightly illuminated under the Wood’s lamp. The other spots on the chin and breast had also healed.


    Ms. P.B. called the Borivali branch on the 20th November 2020 and was happy to report that even the faintly visible spot on the eyelid was now not visible. Ms. P.B. was extremely delighted to experience the results. She continues with the treatment as guided by the associate doctor.




    This case highlights that autoimmune diseases like vitiligo can be treated in the best way with Homeopathy without having to bear the ill effects of steroids.



    • Written by Dr. Chetali Damania, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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