Complete Relief From The Pain Of Calcaneal Spur Achieved With Homeopathy

    A 55-years-old lady, Mrs. S. R. (PIN 6263) came to the center for the treatment of Calcaneal Spur. She had a severe pain in the right heel from the last 6 months. She was experiencing a difficulty of getting up from the bed in the morning. Her pains were unbearable. She would limp and struggle to walk. The pain used to get severe at night, and her initial movements at the start of the day were painful. If she were to sit on a chair for a few hours and then if she would get up and walk, it would get very painful. She even had a difficulty to go to work. She consulted an orthopedic surgeon, who advised painkillers. She was on the painkillers for around 10 days, which did not help, and on follow-up, he suggested local steroid injections for her. Mrs. S. R. was a staunch believer in homeopathy; she decided not to take steroids. She was referred to Dr. Rajesh Shah by her family and friends. Her case was studied in detail. 

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    She was a manager in an FMCG company. Her husband was an engineer. She was an easy-going and mixing lady. She liked to talk with people and was popular at her workplace. She was quite affectionate towards her family members. Often, she would experience an anticipatory anxiety. Before a meeting at the office, she would get nervous, though her performance was good. She would easily get in tears in her eyes. She would get angry but forget about it in a few seconds. 

    She was intolerant to the heat and summer. There was a craving for sweets. 

    Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Medorrhinum in a suitable potency and in infrequent doses along with Dr. Shah’s research-based medicines. 

    Within four weeks of the treatment, there was 50 % relief in her heel pain. 

    In 3-4 months of the treatment, she was completely relieved. She was advised to discontinue the treatment. 

    The patient reported after 5 years for a new complaint of an under-active thyroid. She had started on Thyroxine supplement, but it did not help, when she remembered the alternative option of homeopathy and came to us. She complimented Dr. Shah, saying from the last 5 years, she has not suffered from the heel pain or even a minor cold. She gave a video testimonial, “I was in so much pain Dr. I could not even walk or go to the office”. Her husband added laughingly, “I could save a lot of money spent on commuting, because of Dr. Shah." A few months ago, her father-in-law was sick and required prolonged hospitalization. He passed away a few weeks ago. As she was dutybound, she neglected her health and added to it the stress and strain of managing office and work, so it led to the development of her hypothyroidism. She is sure that her hypothyroidism will get cured with homeopathy under the care and supervision of Dr. Rajesh Shah.


    This case illustrates that homeopathy is quite effective in helping you get a complete relief from the pain and discomfort resulting due to calcaneal spur in a short time duration without any side-effects.

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