Erythematous eruptions of psoriasis, scaling, itching and scattered spots on scalp, lower limbs, and elbows.

    Mr. N. M. (PIN no 11273) 39 yrs male, came to Life Force for treatment of his Psoriasis which he was suffering since 2 years. He had erythematous eruptions, scaling, itching and scattered spots on scalp, lower limbs, and elbows. He was on conventional medicines for more than one year with no much relief. Just before coming to us, he had taken steroidal injectables for his unbearable psoriasis. His complaints had increased since 2 months for which he turned up to us.

    Along with Psoriasis, he was also suffering from hair fall and diffuse thinning leading to male pattern baldness since 2 years.

    He had average appetite, thirst and perspiration with desire to spicy food. His bowel habits and urination were normal.

    He was handling his flower shop. He had no major stress in his life. By nature, he was very confident person with hobby to travel to various places. He had very good memory.

    His mother was suffering from Diabetes and chronic Eczema. Otherwise he had no major illness in family.

    On basis of his case study, Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed him his research based medicines.

    His conventional medicines were stopped gradually. In initial part of treatment he showed increase in his Psoriasis spots due to flair up after stoppage of steroids. He also started complaining of Knee Joint pain since then.

    His medicines were continued and by end of 4 months he showed almost 50% improvement in his scalp lesions and 25% recovery in his lower limb and elbows with much relief in his knee pains as well.

    Its almost one year now, he is on Homeopathic treatment with us, with very good improvement. Her lesions on lower limb, scalp and elbows had vanished with no itching or scaling left. Only some dryness remained for which we have continued him with medicines.

    This case is very good example how properly given homeopathic medicines give very positive results in very stubborn cases like Psoriasis.

    Uploaded by Dr. K.W. on 16th Feb 2014.

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