Happiness Returned In The Life Of A 7-Year-Old Girl On Getting Good Result In Her Recovery From Vitiligo With Homeopathy

    A 7-year-old young girl (PIN: 40436) visited Life Force in June 2019 for the treatment of her complaint of vitiligo. A few dull hypopigmented spots had developed on different body parts of her body in the last one and a half years. Her sister had vitiligo, and she had taken homeopathic treatment from Life Force and got very good results. Hence, her parents consulted at Life Force. She had taken homeopathic treatment for five to six months from another center. 

    In addition to vitiligo, she was also suffering from gastritis complaints. 

    Before knowing the other details of this case, we should know about vitiligo. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder where immunity attacks the color pigment (melanin) of the body. Either it can affect melanocyte (cells that are helpful for the formation of melanin) or disturb the process of melanin formation. Due to these reasons, white spots appear on the body. 

    During noting her detailed case history, the patient’s parents informed us that her physical generals such as appetite, thirst, bowel movement, urination, and sleep all were good. Only her perspiration was profuse, and thermally, she was hot.

    Mentally, she was short-tempered and irritable. She was revengeful. She was an obstinate child. She beat her sister till she didn’t take her revenge.

    She was a student studying in 1st grade, and her sister was a 7th-grade student. Her father and mother both were working.

    In her past, she had neonatal jaundice during birth. In her family history, her maternal grandfather and sister had vitiligo, and her paternal grandmother had diabetes. Her maternal grandmother had hypertension. 

    Based on her detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient and advised her to follow the restricted diet which helps treat vitiligo. 

    In the initial few months, the patient had not reported any changes in her condition, but her patches were stable. No new spots had appeared. But, in December 2019, she reported slight positive changes in all hypopigmented patches. She was regularly following our homeopathic medicine. 

    After a few months, in April 2020, her relief in vitiligo was better. All the patches on her face, armpits, chest, and thigh had faded. She was following the advised diet properly. 

    In June 2020, her mother reported a 50%-60% improvement in recovery from the skin condition. No new spots had appeared, and her relief in the old spots was better. 

    In her recent feedback in November 2020, her recovery from the condition was better by more than 70%. All spots were faded in color. A few patches were not visible. 

    Her parents were satisfied with her result, and the patient is continuing the medicine for a total recovery. 


    It is evident from this case that homeopathy provokes the process of melanogenesis (melanin formation process). Homeopathy is highly effective and recommended for treating vitiligo. Also, homeopathy is safe and causes no side-effects.

    -Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D. Hom.)

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