Homeopathy Treated Asthmatic Bronchitis Of A 5-Years-Old Kid And Eliminated His Dependency On Conventional Medicines

    5-years-old Master N.L. (PIN 18454) visited Life Force with parents on 2nd March 2012 for the treatment of Asthmatic Bronchitis.

    He was suffering from frequent colds with a cough and breathlessness for over a year. His complaints had increased severely from the last three months before consulting Dr. Shah. His complaints were poorly controlled with Budecort and Asthalin inhalers which he required two times a day.

    He used to suffer from nose blockage, alternating with running nose and getting a thick yellowish discharge. All his complaints used to get aggravated by the change of weather and by having cold drinks and ice cream.

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    Master N.L. was an active, inquisitive child with a great craving for sour and salty food.

    He would require antibiotics once a month on an average which was causing severe constipation. Feeling helpless in such a condition, parents decided to consult Dr. Shah for homeopathic treatment.

    After noting the case details Dr. Shah prescribed a constitutional medicine along with our research-based medicines. To the surprise of parents, Dr. Shah advised to continue the conventional medicines and consult prescribing physician for tapering the doses and slowly stopping it once homeopathic medicines take control of the disease.

    At a follow-up after two months of the treatment in May 2012, mother of the patient-reported 20% improvement in the relief from severity and frequency of colds and cough. Breathlessness had reduced by 40%. She also visited a local physician who was able to reduce inhalers from twice a day to once a day. Dr. Shah examined the child and continued with the same medicines as there was a definite reduction in wheezing.

    At a follow-up after four months of the treatment in July 2012, the patient's mother reported with an increase in complaints from the last 15 days after the change of weather although the inhalers were continued once a day. Dr. Shah prescribed some acute medicines for the episode for 15 days and, on the follow-up after 15 days, the relief from the acute episode was better. His regular medicines were continued.

    At a follow-up after six months of the treatment in August 2012, Master N.L. was able to stop the Asthalin inhaler completely without any increase in the symptoms, however, the other inhaler was continued as and when required. His complaints of thick yellowish discharge from nose and dry rattling cough had reduced by 60%. The frequency of attacks had reduced by 50%.

    At a follow-up after eight months of the treatment in October 2012, Master N.L. visited the clinic with his mother and reported that he required the inhaler only once in two months that too was taken as a precautionary measure as they were traveling. Dr. Shah was happy with the progress and advised to continue the medicines.

    At a follow-up after 12 months of the treatment in March 2013, he visited with parents after a gap of four months though medicines were ordered over the phone within that period. The parents were very happy to report that he did not require any conventional medicines from the last four months. He got colds and cough once in 15 days but with less intensity and without fever. Homeopathic medicines were enough to control the episodes.

    Parents were very satisfied with the scientific approach to treatment at Life Force. Mother of the patient said, ‘Life Force has been a lifesaver for my kid.’. 

    He was advised to continue the medicines for another four to six months to avoid relapses.


    This case highlights that homeopathy effectively controls asthmatic bronchitis in kids and eliminates their dependency on conventional medicines safely without any side-effects.

    (Written by Dr. S. N. B., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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