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    44-years-old Mr. P.G. (PIN 23257) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 11th July 2014 for his complaint of anxiety disorder.

    His complaints started in 2012 after a sudden attack of unconsciousness which lasted for a few seconds. After this episode, he started experiencing sudden anxiety and was unable to overcome it. He would experience a sudden feeling of anxiety for his health, though he was happy, and would often get thoughts as if “what will happen in future”, “what will happen to my health”. He would get negative thoughts about the future. He would get these attacks once in two to three days, and they would last for one to two hours. He had stopped driving the car due to his anxiety.

    His blood pressure would shoot up, and he would get continuous eructations which were found to be very peculiar. He would experience crowding of anxious thoughts when he attempted to sleep. His sleep was disturbed, and he would take tablet Zapiz 0.25 mg two to three times a week for the same.

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    His anxiety would increase after any stress at work. He took tablet Anxit 0.25 mg (alprazolam) for each episode of anxiety but was not happy with the treatment. He was introduced to Life Force by his wife and was very hopeful about homeopathic treatment at Life Force.

    He would experience frequent eructations daily, whenever he would get anxious or stressed for which he underwent endoscopy on 6th April 2012. The findings were suggestive of esophagitis and lax lower esophageal sphincter.

    He also had high blood pressure since 2012 and was on the conventional treatment for the same.
    He had suffered from fistula near the anal region in the past, and he got operated for the same in 2014.

    He liked to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He was fond of sweets. He had an average appetite and adequate thirst. He would perspire profusely all over the body and be sensitive to the cold temperature.

    His mother had heart disease and was diabetic. Both his paternal as well as maternal uncle suffered from diabetes and heart disease.

    He worked as a marketing head of a reputed chartered firm. His wife was a homemaker. He had two school-going daughters.

    He described himself as a very patient and confident person before he started getting the anxiety attacks. He had struggled a lot to reach his current position. He always believed that his way is the right way. He was very anxious about his health. He would feel nervous and stressed since he couldn’t get effective results with allopathic treatment. 

    With all these case details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research-based medicines along with constitutional medicine Lycopodium.

    On 16th August 2014, he reported around 50% improvement in his anxiety. He would experience the episode of anxiety once in four to five days with lesser intensity. He reported improvement in his acidity and frequent eructations too. His sleep had improved as there was no crowding of thoughts at night. He stopped taking tablet Zapiz 0.25 mg and tablet Anxit 0.25 mg. After reviewing the feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines.

    With further four months of the treatment, he reported for follow-up on 8th January 2015. He informed that he had found a significant improvement in his anxiety disorder. His relief from anxiety was 80% better. He would get anxious only when the eructations would be there but in very less intensity. There was no crowding of thoughts. He was much positive towards the future and about his health. There was a slight disturbance in his sleep, but he could manage it without any allopathic medicines. He reported around 75% improvement in his acidity and recurrent eructations. 

    On 17th August 2015, he reported that he could overcome his anxiety now. He had started driving his car even in traffic which he had stopped earlier due to his anxiety. He felt 90% stress-free without any allopathic medicines. His sleep was refreshing, and there was no crowding of thoughts at night. He was completely free from his acidity. There were no frequent eructations though there was occasional bloating of the abdomen.

    He was very happy and satisfied as he was completely out of his continuous chain of anxious thoughts. He was free from anxiety to live his life to the fullest. Homeopathic medicines at Life Force helped him to improve his quality of life.


    Homeopathy is very effective in treating nervousness and anxiety disorders without any addictive or harmful side-effects. Homeopathic medicines can reduce or stop the need for conventional anti-anxiety or anti-depression medicines. With the right homeopathic medicines, people suffering from debilitating anxiety can overcome their anxiety and can enjoy a happy and worry-free life.

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