Keeping patience and faith on Homeopathic medicines helped me to overcome my atopic dermatitis completely.

    Mr AC (PIN 13541) a 41 years old businessman from Pune, India, visited Life Force clinic on 2nd April 2010.

    He was suffering from extensive eczema (atopic dermatitis) since 8 years. There was dryness, redness all over his body. He used to have severe itching leading to uncontrolable scratching over affected parts. He was taking homeopathic medicines from various doctors, but had partial relief only. So he stopped medicines since 6-7 months. Since 2 months his eczema was increasing.

    While searching on the internet he came across Life Force Homeopathy. He went through the information about Eczema and finaly decided to get it treated by Dr Shah at Life Force. While noting down his case study following details were noted.

    He was also suffering from recurrent headache since 1 month. He had tall lean thin physique. His appetite, thirst, digestion, sleep were normal and regular. He would sweat very less and would easily get affected by extremes of tempreture. Overexposure to sun would also aggravate his headache. Emotionally he was irritable and would speak out his anger often over his wife only.

    All his vital parameters like blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, respiration was normal during examination. After case study the details were evaluated by Dr Shah and Constitutional medicine was prescribed on 2nd April 2010. Medicines were given for 2 months.

    Mr AC reported on 28th May 2010. He said that the progression has stopped and there was 10% relief in itching. His headache also reduced by 50%. Again he was given 2 months medicines by making necessary changes in it.

    There was gradual improvement seen in his lesions until in October, when he reported that there is increase in the lesion. After detail enquiery he stated that there was lot of stress going on in his life. He was consoled and then next set of medicine was given.

    He was given 2 months medicine every time. His skin was responding to the line of treatment. After 1 year, his itching, redness and dryness was more than 80% better. The patches, however were still there. He was concerned about slow recovery but was convinced when doctors made him understood how difficult it is to treat such chronic and deep rooted disease.

    He kept his patience and continued medicines. Recently he visited on 13th April 2012. He was very happy to inform that there was total recovery. His eczema patches were reduced by 90%. His headache was all over within 6-8 months of medicines. He was more calm by nature now and was able to handle thing in personal and professional life better than earlier.

    He was happy to mention that Homeopathy, Dr Shah's experience and time to time consolation and medical advises given by associate doctors helped him to come out of this difficult disease.

    Uploaded by Dr P.D. on 19 April 2013

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