My extensive Psoriasis recovered wonderfully with continuous support and care from Dr. Rajesh.

    Mr. S. A. K., a young manager in a finance company visited Borivali clinic on 23rd April 2011. His Patient Identification Number is 15901. He had been suffering from extensive Psoriasis since 4 years. The reddish patches were all over the body including scalp. There was itching and scaling. He was applying steroid creams since 6 months and propysalic cream on face and scalp as and when required. He had taken few courses of allopathic medicines in the past which had temporarily relieved his complaints. He was tall well built and well dressed. He was from the high socio income strata. He was highly qualified and doing very well in life. However his skin all over was red, inflammed, scaly and painful.

    His appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. He was sensitive to warm temperature. His sleep was occasionally disturbed. He would occasionally have anxious dreams of exams.
    He was staying in a nuclear family with home maker wife and 10 month old son.

    He was soft spoken in the clinic, however what lay beneath was more important from the view point of the genesis of his psoriasis and it's treatment. His family background was enquired upon.

    He was short tempered and irritable by nature. His inter personal relationship with his parents were not good at all. He would frequently have quarrels with them, though they stayed separately. He would then keep thinking about the quarrels and take stress. He would be deeply hurt over the episodes, however he was not able to contain them, nor control thinking about them. Lately he has tried to stay aloof from all this. He would also avoid any conversation pertaining to his skin complaint. He was suffering silently.

    He had suffered from urticaria in the past in 2005, which was treated with allopathic medicines.

    His parents were suffering from Diabetes.

    His case was studied in detail and he was prescribed few research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

    After 4 months of medication he reported on 4th September with considerable improvement in his Psoriasis. In the initial few weeks it had increased as anticipated and explained during his first visit. The necessary changes were made in the prescription and this mild relapse was controlled. The itching had reduced significantly. The scaling was mildly reduced. The thickness of the patches on the legs had reduced. He had stopped applying steroid creams, using them only at times, that too only on the face.

    After 8 months of medication he reported on 14th January with overall 70% improvement in his Psoriasis. It had mildly increased since last 1 month. There was no spread, but the old patches were itchy and scaling. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

    He reported on 14th May 2012 with his case coming to a standstill with neither progress nor deterioration of his Psoriasis. The patches were the same. The itching and scaling was also same. The patches on the abdomen and chest had increased mildly. His case was reviewed and certain changes were made in his medication by Dr. Shah.

    He visited on 2nd October 2012 with mild fluctuations in his Psoriasis. The patches would increase and decrease on and off. The itching was very mild, though the scaling would also fluctuate. He attributed these to stressful conditions.

    He visited on 11th February 2013 with overall 70% improvement in his Psoriasis. The scaling was much less. There was no itching. The patches were mild pinkish in appearance.

    He visited on 25th June 2013 and was glad to report overall 100% improvement in his Psoriasis. There was no sign of patches of Psoriasis. The skin was clean as normal. There was no itching or scaling.

    He is still continuing with the medicines as maintenance for few months to minimize the chances of relapse.

    Uploaded on 30th June 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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