"My son had good improvement within 4 to 8 months of homeopathy treatment.."

    Young boy, SRC age 14 years (PIN 14222) was initiated with online treatment on 28 Jan 2008. He was a resident of N, USA.

    His parents were sent a Questionnaire; they filled up the questionnaire diligently.

    As per the information provided by them, master S developed some white spots and he was taken to the dermatologist, she checked the affected area (around the eye) with woods lamp and said that this was Vitiligo.

    They noticed a white horse-shoe shaped light patch around the left eye around December 2007
    They waited for a few weeks and when it did not go away, they went tot he pediatrician who recommended seeing a dermatologist and she confirmed the diagnosis.

    He had spots around the left eye as a horseshoe-shaped area (1.5 cm X 0.75 cm)
    On the left upper eyelid (0.5 cm diameter- circular)
    The small patch above the stomach (0.5 cm)
    Pinhead sized dots on the back of the palm, and back of the neck.

    They could not attribute any reason for the vitiligo; it started all of a sudden.

    His parents further filled in more details: he liked non-veg food; he had average tolerance to both heat and cold.
    He weighed 90 lbs and his height was 5 feet 3 inches.

    Everyone in his house was in good health; his father had high cholesterol and was on medication. The patient`s paternal grandfather`s brother had vitiligo.

    He was a very pleasant boy, very bright-doing very good in school.
    Active in sports- played soccer, tennis and was in swimming.
    He was very patient and sincere in his work.

    He got along very well with people and was well mannered.

    He had an allergy to pollen and grass in childhood.

    His dermatologist had prescribed Alclometasone (topical) dipso 0.05 %.

    Dr Shah studied his case and prescribed Hydrocotyle 30 to be taken 6 pills two times a day.

    After four months patient's parents reported very good improvement in his vitiligo. They had gradually stopped the steroid cream.

    After eight months of treatment, there was further improvement. There were no new spots and the existing spots had re-pigmented.

    The status given in may 2008:

    Around the left eye as a horseshoe-shaped area (1.5 cm X 0.75 cm): Cleared
    On the left upper eyelid (0.5 cm diameter- circular): Cleared
    The small patch above the stomach (0.5 cm): still exists-got lighter- we have provided a photo for comparison.

    Pinhead sized dots on the back of palm, and back of neck: cleared

    They visited the center in August 2008: for follow up.

    All the spots had re-pigmented.
    Dr Shah checked the boy under a wood`s lamp; there was no evidence of vitiligo, anywhere.

    Dr Shah stopped his treatment.
    He required treatment for a total period of 8 months.

    They visited the center again in August 2010, for a follow-up
    He was again examined under a woods lamp: there was no evidence of vitiligo anywhere on his skin.

    The treatment had a lasting effect.

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