Palmo plantar Psoriasis recovered by 95 % with Dr. Shah’s medicines.

    58 years old businessman, Mr. N. P. B. (Patient Identification Number - 19219) visited Life Force on 9th June 2012. He was suffering from palmo plantar Psoriasis since 1 year. It had started to spread since 3 – 4 months. He would get few spots on abdomen which would come and go occasionally. There would be cracks, scaling and itching on palms and soles. He was taking conventional medicines like folitrax ( methotrexate )since 5 weeks and applying cortison cream since 3 months. He had taken Ayurvedic medicine in the past.

    He was detected with low Vitamin B12 levels in routine blood test and was advised to take a course of injections.

    He was also suffering from Diabetes Mellitus since 6 – 7 years which was well controlled with conventional medicines.

    His appetite was average. He craved sweets and milk. He had profuse and generalized perspiration. He was sensitive to warm temperature. His bowels were occasionally unsatisfied. His sleep was sound.

    He was into the business of supplying medical stents to hospitals. He had done a chemical business in the past. His wife was home maker. His son was in the same family business. They stayed in joint family with daughter in law and grand children.

    He had started a chemical business with few college friends and continued for some years. Few years back he sold his business to another person and started with medical stent supply. At present he was happy and well settled in the business. He was calm and helping in nature.
    He had a religious bent of mind and he was actively involved in religious and cultural activities. He used to manage a charitable institution which worked for under privileged children.

    He had suffered from Dengue 7 years ago.

    All his family members were apparently healthy. His parents were alive and healthy at the age of 85 years.

    His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 30 c 2 doses along with research based medicine.

    He reported on 2nd August with 30% – 40% improvement in Psoriasis. There was no new spot or spread. He had stopped applying cortisone 15 days back.

    He reported on 5th October with mild increase in Psoriasis. The itching and redness had increased. This flare up was anticipated as he had stopped tablet methotrexate and cortison creams a month back. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

    He reported on 31st December with considerable improvement in Psoriasis. The redness and itching had reduced significantly. There was no spread or new spots. The cracks were mildly painful. Most of the lesions were healing.

    He reported on 6th February with 50% - 60% improvement in Psoriasis. There was no itching in soles, occasionally the palms would itch. The scaling was minimal. The cracks had healed. There was no redness.

    He reported on 22nd May with overall 75% improvement in Psoriasis. The itching, scaling and redness was nil. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

    He visited on 9th September with overall 90% improvement in Psoriasis. There was mild dryness in the heel. All the other lesions had healed. The skin on the palms were soft and completely healed.

    He was happy with the treatment and is continuing the treatment for few more months to minimize the chances of relapse.

    Due to correct selection of the Homeopathic remedy, this patient had a very smooth recovery.

    Uploaded on 19th September 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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