Recovery From 7 Months Persistent SLE Achieved In A Short Time With Life Force Treatment

    A 65-years-old female patient, Mrs. P. R. B. (PIN 26306) visited Life Force Chembur branch on 25th July 2015 for treating her SLE complaints. She was suffering from SLE for the past seven months. She was suffering from multiple maculopapular eruptions with itching, dryness without flakes, hyperpigmentation with a butterfly shape, a hair loss on the affected area, swelling on face and maxilla bilateral with lassitude, recurrent fever, body ache, and weakness.

    She had developed lesions on her scalp, forehead, face, neck, forearms (bilateral), back, soles, and nails of the thumbs only. 
    All her complaints had triggered in November 2014 after she had undergone an operation for Reactive left cervical lymphadenitis in Oct 2014.

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    She was on Ayurvedic medicines from February 2015 until she visited Life Force for her treatment.

    She was also suffering from calcaneal spur from the past six months. She was suffering from bilateral swelling in her ankle, throbbing pain, and sensation as if the skin of her soles is burnt. Her complaints used to get aggravated in the morning, on waking up, after standing for a prolonged period, sitting, after rising from the sitting posture, and in the cold weather. She used to feel better after performing exercises and walking a short distance. 

    She was also suffering from anemia for 9 months. Her Hb was 9.7 in June 2015. Besides these, she was also experiencing weakness, not feeling fresh, and feverish feeling occasionally with a loss of appetite.

    She was also suffering from the complaints of acidity along with the complaints of burning in the esophagus, only after eating fried or oily food, with no eructations and no flatulence, for the last 2-3 years. These acidity complaints of the patient used to get aggravated after eating sour, oily, and fried food, pickle, fermented food, and chana. And, her complaints used to get ameliorated after having a lemonade.

    She preferred a vegan diet. She was experiencing a diminished appetite. She had a marked craving for sweets and fruits. She was having an aversion to the oily food. She was experiencing a profuse perspiration on the forehead. 

    She used to work as a supervisor in Maharashtra Labour welfare and instructor in ITI college, Jalgaon. Her husband had retired as deputy engineer in BSNL, Shirpur. She was having 3 daughters, who were settled. 

    She had an unhappy childhood. She had cordial interpersonal relations with parents. Her adolescence was stressful. But later, she settled in life with marital harmony and happiness. She had her own health concerns. She was mild, gentle, sober, reserved, and sad by nature. She liked music, particularly classical. 
    She used to sing bhajans.

    She was quite anxious about her disease, but would not share it with anybody (as per her daughter).

    He had suffered from an ovarian cyst, appendicitis, reactive lymphadenitis in the left cervical region (that was operated) and cataract in her left eye (that was operated) in the past. 

    She had taken steroids for two months and stopped since February 2015. She had taken Ayurvedic treatment from February 2015 until she came to Life Force.

    According to the investigations, her ANA was positive in December 2014, Hb was less, and, as per the X-ray of the calcaneal region, she was having calcaneal spurs.

    Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Carcinocin 30 C in addition to his research-based molecules for SLE to the patient.

    She gave her first follow-up over the phone on 11th September 2015. There was a 50% overall improvement in her condition. Her relief from the other complaints of Calcaneal Spur and acidity had also improved. Her Ayurvedic medication had reduced, still, she was better.

    Mrs. P.R.B. reported on 13th January 2016 over the phone. She had not suffered from a single episode in the last 5 months. Also, her Ayurvedic medication had reduced a lot. Her relief from acidity complaint was also more than 90% better. 

    Mrs. P.R.B. reported on 2nd March 2016 that she did not suffer from a single episode of SLE in the last 7 months. Her relief from the acidity complaint had also improved by 100%. 


    This case highlights that Homeopathy has a vast scope in treating various serious autoimmune diseases like SLE. If the treatment is taken with proper similimum after a thorough understanding about mental as well as physical characteristics of the patient, the recovery can be achieved in a short or limited span.

    - Written by Dr. Swapnil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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    A 65-years-old female patient, Mrs. P. R. B. (PIN 26306) visited Life Force Chembur branch on 25th July 2015 for treating her SLE complaints. She was suffering from SLE for the past seven months. She was suffering from multiple maculopapular eruptions with itching, dryness without flakes, hyperpi.....Read more

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