She was happy to take homeopathy instead of frequent antibiotics for her recurrent infections.

    Miss. N. V. M. 9 years old girl visited our clinic on 29th February 2012 with her parents. Her patient identification number is 18411. She was complaining of chest and head pain since 1 week. The headache was left sided and not continuous. She was having cold and cough. There was no nose block or throat pain at present. She had body pain and lethargy. Since there was no fever she had not taken any medicines. She had frequent fever in last 2 years. She would get fever once in 2- 3 months for 2 – 3 days. She would take antibiotics as and when required. On physical examination of her throat , the tonsils were inflamed and nasal turbinates were swollen.

    She had an average appetite and liking for all type of food. Her palms and soles would sweat more and the skin would peel in the winter. She was sensitive to cold weather. Her bowels were satisfactory. Sleep was sound.

    She was studying in the 3rd grade. Her father was an engineer. Her mother was a nurse. Her younger sister was in the 1st grade.

    She was good in studies and was affectionate by nature.

    Her father had frequent colds. Her mother had recently suffered from Dengue.

    Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Silicea 200c 2 doses along with a research based medicine.

    She visited on 13th April and reported considerable improvement in her chest and head pain. Her letharginess and weakness were much better. She did not have fever in past 2 months.

    She reported on 26th May with further improvement in the pains. There was mild cold since 1 week. She also complained of mild acidity since past 2 weeks. Her case was reviewed and medicines upgraded by Dr. Shah.

    She visited on 19th June with her father and reported with 40% improvement. She had been suffering from throat pain, cold, sneezing, coryza, dry cough since yesterday. There was no fever. There was no weakness and body pain. There was minimal improvement in her acidity and chest pain. She was prescribed Pulsatilla Nigricans 30c along with research based medicine.

    She reported on 25th October with over 60% improvement in her cold and headache. The acidity was better, but had increased recently due to exam stress.

    After a year’s treatment she was relieved by 90% in her cold and fever complaints. She did not require taking antibiotics ever since she was taking our homeopathic medicines.

    Her mother reported on 5th April with further improvement in her complaints.

    She is glad she chose homeopathy for her daughter rather then giving antibiotics frequently.

    Uploaded on 29th May 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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