Slowly there was around 70-80% recovery in the skin....

    A 46 years old lady, Mrs. R.M, [PIN 8312], came for the treatment of Psoriasis.

    She was suffering from moderate psoriasis since the past 13 years.

    She had very severe psoriasis patches on her lower legs, hands, ankles, fingers and elbows.

    The patches were red, inflamed, scaling and itching. There were deep cracks in the palms and fingers.

    She could not write or work, due to the pain.

    The itching would increase in winter and in periods of stress.

    The spots were spreading to her abdomen and back.

    She was applying halobate cream and Dipsalic cream since several years.

    Since the spread was not under control, her dermatologist started her on methotrexate.
    But she could not tolerate the medicine. She developed gastritis due to methotrexate.

    Then she searched on the internet and came across Life Force.

    She consulted Dr Shah and started Homeopathic treatment.

    Her case was taken in detail.

    She was a PhD in Physics. She was a professor in a college in Mumbai. Her husband had his own chemical factory. Her son was in HSC and her younger son was in the 9 th standard.

    She had a craving for sweets. Milk and sour food did not suit her.
    She could not tolerate heat, she likes the winter season.

    She described herself as anxious, worrisome, reserved and short-tempered. She had mood swings before menses.

    She was prescribed kali-sulph 30c and a research based remedy.

    The spots continued to spread for four to five months and she also developed some pustules, these were treated with Homeopathic medicines.

    Gradually she started recovering. After 6-8 months, she reported decrease in the redness and scaling.
    Gradually, the cracks reduced.
    The healing started.

    But as winter approached, she again saw some increase in her Psoriasis. This was dealt with suitable change in the remedies, By Dr Rajesh Shah.

    Slowly there was around 70-80% recovery in the skin.
    But later on, she developed several boils and eruptions on the skin affected with Psoriasis.

    Again, this was addressed by Dr Shah.

    Gradually, the skin healed completely.

    She was under our care for around three years.
    Since her psoriasis was of a long duration and she had used steroid creams for a long time, she required prolonged well planned treatment.

    The psoriasis did relapse in the first winter, but there was no relapse in the second winter or the third winter. That is the time, she developed confidence in the treatment.

    She recovered completely in her Psoriasis of 13 years.

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