Steroid dependent psoriasis is indeed a challenge and homeopathy has good scope in it's treatment.

    A 57 years old tall and well built man, Mr. S. K. (Patient Identification Number 17854) reported to the center on 30th December 2011. He was suffering from extensive Psoriasis since past 30 years. He had taken all types of treatment for psoriasis in the past;also Homeopathy as well. He was on methotrexate for several years and later when he developed hepato-toxicity, he was put off methotrexate and was only on local steroidal creams, which he applied twice a day since the last five years. In spite of these applications, he had many active lesions all over the body. The lesions always kept changing location. He was never disease free. The lesions on the legs were always present. The lesions on the back, hands, chest, scalp and thigh would keep reccuring, while changing locations. He had significant scaling, itching and inflammation in the lesions.
    Every morning, he had to spend one hour removing scales. When he removed the scales, he felt better, or else he had to face severe itching throughout the day.

    Due to his illness he preferred to stay in his own house, he never stayed over night in the house of relatives or friends.

    He was large, flabby and over weight. He weighed 96 k.g. The prolonged application of local steroids could have contributed to his adiposity.

    He was in the transportation business. He had started his life working as a driver. Due to his dedication and hard work, he had now several trucks and tempos. His children looked after his business now. He had purchased one house each for his three children, whereas he stayed in the old house with his wife.

    His sons stayed nearby and grandchildren were mostly found playing in his house.

    He had happy relations with everyone in the family. He was respected for his wisdom. In his younger days he had faced several anxieties and uncertanties and stresses. He was always anxious and worried, mainly for finances and for his family members. For several decades, he had disturbed sleep. He could now co relate that the psoriasis increased in periods of stress.
    He was very attached to his family.
    He was more comfortable in the winters. He did not like the summer season.
    He would perspire a lot.

    Dr. Shah attended him patiently and examined every detail. The remedy part was easy, what was difficult was to administer it in such a manner so as to bring about a smooth transition between homeopathy and the steroid creams. The patients understanding and support plays a very important role under such conditions. He was explained the limitations of steroids and the trouble associated with tapering them. He was explained to gradually taper the application of steroids. He was explained that there can be some resurfacing when the steroids would be stopped, however then there will be good healing. He was prepared.

    He was so tired of the process of removing scales every day and and the application of the cream for years, that he was ready to suffer a few more months for a more permanent remedial measure.

    Dr Shah prescribed Kali-Sulphuricum 30c on 30th December 2011.

    He followed up on 27 January 2012.
    There was no increase or decrease in his psoriasis. The rate of spread was the same. He had reduced the application of the steroid cream, from twice a day to once a day.

    He visited the center again on 29 February 2012. The spread was less now. The lesions did look a bit better. However the patient said that it was just due to his rubbing off the scales, that it looked better. Dr Shah enhanced the dose for him.

    On 20 April 2012, the lesions did look better, the redness had reduced, the scales had reduced. The itching had reduced. He was still using the steroidal cream once a day.

    On 12 July he visted the center. The redness had recovered very substantially. The scales had reduced by 80 %. for the first time, he said, that now he did not require to rub off the scales. A morning chore, he was doing for most years of his life. There was no itching. He was advised to stop the steroid cream.

    He visited the center again on 9 August 2012. There was no resurfacing after stopping the steroid creams. A smooth transition was achieved, due to his cooperation and in depth understanding of the phenomenon.

    Dr Shah was very happy with his response to treatment. Steroid dependent psoriasis is indeed a challenge and homeopathy has good scope in it's treatment.

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