The patient was over joyed with the response...he just folded his hands and said,

    Mr. A.M.S aged 30 years (Patient Identification Number 14924) visited Life Force on 7th October 2010 for the treatment of Guttate Psoriasis. He was having Psoriasis all over the body. The psoriasis first started on the scalp. He would manage it with local coal tar preparations and steroid creams. Gradually the spots appeared on the body also. In no time, it spread all over the body. There were lots of red spots and scales. There was intense itching which would aggravate more in the night time and during stress.


    Patient was baffaled at the rate of spread. He said the whole body looked as if it had injury marks, redness, scales. He could not come to terms with the appearance. It was then that he came to know the name of the disease, Psoriasis.

    His dermatologist said that this disease does not have a cure. It can be just managed. This lead to further anxiety.

    He inquired for a effective treatment and was then directed towards Homeopathy.

    When he came to Life Force, the case was taken in detail.

    He had an average appetite. He had marked cravings for eggs and meat. There was marked aversion to sweets. He would perspire profusely. His bowel and urination was normal.

    His parents were hypertensive.

    He was mild and gentle in nature. He would take some time to mingle with others.

    He was working in the garment sector in vapi. he was staying with friends. he was newly wed, but he could not take his wife to Vapi, as the place he resided was not very safe. So there was stress in his life. He had faced financial difficulties in the past, and this job was very important for him.

    Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research based medicines along with his constitutional medicine.

    After 2 months of medicines, there was 50% improvement in intense itching but with some ups and downs of Psoriasis. During his ups and down he was advised to allow some time for the medicines to act and to apply non medicated lotions.

    After 6 months of the treatment, there was improvement by 80%. Itching had reduced considerably. But he left the treatment in between and did not continue the medicines.

    After 8 months he again reported to the Life Force when he noticed new spots of Psoriasis and was advised to continue the treatment without interruption. He followed Dr. Shah�s advice and continued the treatment.

    After 3 months of further medications his Psoriasis was significantly improved and there was no appearance of new spots as well.

    The skin recovered first, the scalp recovered later on. The skin was completely free. All the marks had healed. There was no evidence of Psoriasis anywhere. Even the scalp had healed completely.

    The patient was over joyed with the response. He was a simple man, he just folded his hands and said, "Thank You Sir".

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