Twelve years old Atopic dermatitis in 14 years old girl cleared when cortisone had failed

    A 14 years aged girl Miss R.P. (PIN Number L-10592) reported for treatment for her Atopic dermatitis. She was accompanied by an existing patient for psoriasis. “As you treated me, similarly, please treat my friend, who is suffering from this severe skin disease since the age of two,” She said.

    Miss R.P was suffering from Atopic dermatitis since the age of two years.

    She had lesions on the folds of the hands (fold of elbows) legs (behind the knee joints) and feet and around the neck.

    She had maculopapular eruptions with severe itching and rawness of the skin.

    She used to scratch till it would bleed.

    She was a lean, thin and fair girl; she was from a middle-class family.

    She stayed with her parents and her younger sister.

    She was irritable and short-tempered.

    She had a craving for salt.

    She would get a sun headache.

    She was on steroidal creams and sometimes oral steroids were used in the past for the flare-ups.

    Steroids would make her cranky and moody.

    Dr. Shah studied her case and prescribed Psorinum 200 along with a research remedy.
    In Just 4 months of treatment, she had 90 % recovery.

    Most of the lesions healed. There was no itching and no visible lesion.

    She experienced this state f health for the first time in her life. She was extremely grateful to Dr. Shah and her parents had accompanied her for this follow-up, Just to see the Doctor, who performed this miracle.

    She is still under treatment, and we are expecting a complete recovery in her Atopic dermatitis.

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