Vitiligo Of An 8-Year-Old Girl Was Very Well Controlled With Homeopathy

    What is Vitiligo? 

    Vitiligo is a chronic, non-contagious autoimmune skin condition in which the skin losses its normal color and becomes white in form of patches over a particular part of the body and can spread all over the body. It occurs when the melanocytes that produce melanin die or stop functioning which leads to depigmentation of the skin. It is not life-threatening but causes social distress that may make the patient becomes disturbed mentally.

    Let’s have a look at the case of vitiligo that was treated with homeopathy effectively.

    An 8-year-old girl, Ms. K. G. (PIN: 32997) visited Life Force clinic on 31st July 2017 with the complaint of Vitiligo, which she was suffering for 2 months, and started the treatment on the same day. Her vitiligo was progressive and, in moderate form, located on the chest in the center of the collar bone, both the sides of the waist but more on the left side with a presentation of faint hypopigmented spots, and lips. All patches revealed fluorescence with the Woods lamp examination and it was steroid-masked since 1st July 2017. There was a bilateral involvement with mucocutaneous junction affection, and the bony area was involved with the symptom of mild itching only on the patch over the center of the collar bone. 
    She had a strong family history of Autoimmune diseases, such as Diabetes Mellitus and cardiomyopathy, affecting her maternal as well as a paternal grandfather. Her maternal grandmother was suffering from hypertension and an underactive thyroid. Her paternal grandfather's brother had mouth cancer. 
    The patient had no history of chronic and recurrent illnesses.

    The patient was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. She was fond of Chocolates and salty foods. She had no particular food disliking for any food. Her thirst was less. 
    By nature, the patient was very mild, gentle, playful, and was making friends easily. She shared thoughts and things with them. She was very emotional and would cry easily. She was stubborn but good in academics. The patient was having a very positive approach to her disease. She was born by a Cesarian delivery.

    After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines along with his research-based medicines and a few dietary tips to the patient.
    The patient was advised to do a few investigations in which her vitamin D3 was on the lower side. Vitamin D3 supplements were prescribed to the patient. The patient took the medicines regularly and stopped the steroid on the next day of visiting the Life Force.
    At the first follow-up taken on 4th September 2017, there was 10% relief in her every spot.
    In the next follow-up on 4th October 2017, no further spread of the disease had occurred. She had experienced 10% relief, and her condition was stable. On 2nd October 2017, a new spot was observed above her right eyebrow (which was steroid masked).
    The next follow-up was taken on 27th November 2017. The patient’s recovery from the patches of vitiligo was showing good improvement. There was no spread of the disease, but a new spot on the neck had appeared in the last month. 
    In the next consecutive follow-ups, there was continuous improvement in general, but a few new patches were appearing.
    On 7th July 2018, in the consecutive follow-up, the patient’s complaint of vitiligo had decreased. There was a 70% to 75 % improvement in relief in all her spots of vitiligo.
    On 2nd November 2018, the recovery from the old patches was showing good improvement, but one new spot was noticed on the leg. 
    Later, her vitiligo patches are stable, and no new spots were noticed in the past few months. However, on 19th October 2019, one white spot had appeared on the left cheek in the last four days that had vanished in the next follow-up.
    At the recent follow-up taken on 2nd October 2020, the vitiligo patches over the neck, check, underarms, back, chest, face, and feet were 100% cleared. No new spot was observed, and the vitiligo patch on the abdomen was 50% cleared. 
    The patient is continuing treatment at Life Force to avoid further spread, as the disease is chronic, autoimmune, and has the chance of spread and relapse.
    The patient and her parents are very happy and satisfied and thanked Dr. Shah sir for the treatment the patient received at Life Force.

    This case illustrates that homeopathy is very effective in treating Chronic obstinate skin disease, such as Vitiligo, remarkably and safely without any side-effects. It reduces the progress of vitiligo as well as controls and stops the dependency on steroids.

    -Written by Dr. Akanksha Kharote, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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