When everything else failed, homeopathy healed my fissure-in-ano!!!

    Nineteen-year-old young boy A.P. (Patient Identification Number: 10782), a resident of Pune; availed our online treatment on 13th June 2008; for his complaints of anal fissure.

    He was diagnosed with fissure-in-ano by his local physician. He would have itching and pricking pain before and after passing stools. He would take ayurvedic laxative for soft stool formation. He would rarely have blood mixed with stool. There would be no mucus along with the stool. He would strain a lot while passing stool. He suffered from all these complaints since past 3.5 months. It all started after he had taken a course of antibiotics for viral fever in February 2008. Since then, he would on and off have some stomach related complaints along with his fissure complaints.

    He had taken many conventional drugs and injections to treat anal fissure. He also took ayurvedic medications. He was also taking acupuncture therapy since 2 months. None of the medications gave him any significant relief. His disease was further progressing and he wanted to control and get rid of it. He then started with online treatment from Life Force under Dr. Shah.

    He was a vegetarian by diet with average appetite. He had no specific likes but disliked onions and garlic. His thirst, urination and sleep were normal. He would usually sweat more. He would not have any specific temperature tolerance. 

    He was a computer engineering student. He was the only child and was staying with his parents. He was a calm person and would not express his emotions easily. He was fearful and felt lonely.

    In the past, he had suffered from enterocolitis 4-5 years back and also of some complaints of vocal cord in the childhood. His mother also suffered from colitis and stomach related problems and his father was a diabetic.

    Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and research based medicine for anal fissure were sent to him at Pune.

    He reported his feedback on phone on 5th August 2008. All his complaints were considerably better. His frequency and intensity of pain had reduced. His constipation was little better. 

    With next four months of treatment he showed around 99% improvement in his complaints. He reported over phone on 2nd December 2008 that his fissure-in-ano was completely cured and his constipation complaints were remarkably better. 

    He then reported to Life Force on 5th June 2012; after a gap of four years. He had visited the clinic for the treatment of his gastric complaints like acidity, IBS, flatulence and weakness. His complaints started after having frozen food. His treatment was restarted and was continued for a period of six months. With the treatment, he found 70-80% relief in all his gastric complaints. His would now enjoy his daily routine, concentrated more on studies and his quality of life improved.

    He even introduced Life Force to one of his friend Mr. D.S.B. (Patient Identification Number: 23426) for the treatment of anal fissure. He reported that A.P. has been completely better for all these years after his treatment from Life Force.

    This case highlights the efficacy of homeopathic medicines to bring about complete healing of fissure-in-ano and prevent further relapse.

    (Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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