42 years old lady Mrs. V. V. is treated of hypothyroidism, her TSH coming to normalcy, within 45 days of homeopathic treatment, without thyroid supplements.

    A 42 years old woman Mrs. V. V., (PIN -L9308) was under our treatment for migraine. She complained of puffiness of the face and swelling on the body for few days.
    Dr Shah advised her a thyroid test,
    She was detected as Hypothyroid,
    The report dated 2nd May 2008 was as follows:

    Her TSH was 10.58 mIU/ mL Normal Range (0.30-5.5)
    T3 was 141 ng/ dL Normal Range (60-200)
    T4 was 7.90 ng/ dL Normal Range (4.5-12)

    She was sincere in nature; she was previously worked as a teacher in a reputed school.
    She had joined her husband’s business of Air Conditioning consultancy.
    She stayed with her husband, son, and mother-in-law.
    She had good relations with everyone.

    She was a calm and adjusting person.
    She was sensitive and sentimental; she would weep on slight issues.
    She suffered from Migraine, which was treated with medicines.

    She was treated with Dr Shah's research remedy and her blood tests were repeated after a few weeks.
    She repeated her blood tests on 17 June 2008 and, what a pleasant surprise!
    Her TSH had come down to normalcy.

    Report dated 17 June 2008:
    TSH 4.96
    Free T3: 2.20
    Free T4: 1.10

    Her TSH reduced from 10.58 to 4.96 within 45 days of treatment, without thyroid supplements.

    Click here to view the report before treatment.

    Click here to view the report after treatment.

    This is an excellent illustration wherein, with correct treatment and in the initial period, homeopathy can act faster than conventional medicines.
    There was also substantial improvement in her symptoms.

    She reported a substantial reduction in body swelling with increased energy levels.
    This case demonstrated the results of Homeopathy in a short span.

    In just 45 days, there was complete normalization of her TSH.
    The result was a good surprise for us, too.
    She is still under treatment.

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