Masturbation Syndrome: Myths and facts to know about masturbation

Masturbation Syndrome: Myths and facts to know about masturbationMasturbation is nothing but self-induced, sexual stimulation or sexual excitement. There are wrong ideas about masturbation in most cultures; religions and even highly educated people have been found to have a faulty understanding of masturbation. In this article, I will write all about masturbation that you need to know.

It is unfortunate that younger people do not feel comfortable talking, discussing, and asking about masturbation. This is because of the elders, parents, and teachers often feel uncomfortable about masturbation.

Masturbation is a normal, natural human behavior and there is nothing dirty, wrong, bad, or shameful about it. It is just like feeling thirsty, hungry or getting an urge for stool and urine. It is a normal bodily instinct. There is nothing abnormal about the desire or urge for masturbation.

Who masturbates and who doesn’t?

Well, it is said that about 95% of males (age of 11 to 100) masturbate sometimes or the other. And, other 5% are liars! Also, masturbation is common among females.


Why does one masturbate?

As a boy or a girl after the age of ten years or more starts developing sexual desire and bodily pleasure, which are governed by hormones in the body. This is a natural phenomenon. Around this time, they naturally learn a way to get sexual pleasure by touching and handling the private parts and sexual organs. At one point, they experience sexual stimulation and pleasure, erection of the penis (boys), and ejaculation or discharge of seminal fluid. This leads to sexual gratification. This entire experience is normal and healthy. Nothing is actually wrong with it.

Slowly they learn to get such pleasure at will; which may be at any frequency of once in a few days or a couple of times in a day.


How much masturbation is normal?

This is a common question asked by most people. Actually, there is no normal or abnormal number for masturbation. Masturbating once a month is normal, and masturbating three times in a day may also be normal. It is like how many glasses of water one should normally drink? It all depends on one’s body needs, food habits, surroundings, climate, etc. Just like that, the number of times one can normally masturbate depends on one’s age, thoughts, sexual exposure, food habits, company, etc.


When does masturbation become abnormal?

If masturbation becomes distracting, not allowing one to focus on day-to-day tasks of life such as study or work; compelling one to masturbate leaving behind important work, it may be called not normal. It is like if you must eat again and again, not able to wait, must eat in the middle of the work then it is an abnormal body response. Same with masturbation as well.  

Why is masturbation a social stigma or taboo?

Sexual functions are not been well understood for centuries. Our culture and religions have considered sexuality a taboo, in many segments of our society. Parents and people love to talk about food, drinks but they avoid talking about sex. Sex education is not adequately given to young boys and girls. As a result, masturbation has been considered taboo or stigma.


Does masturbation produce weakness or some diseases?

The common myths are that masturbation leads to weakness, loss of weight, loss of sexual functions, dark circles around eyes, depression, etc. It is not true.


Lack of understating leads to guilt, shame, and fear among those who are not well-informed about the natural aspect of masturbation.


When does masturbation need medical attention?

When one is obsessed with sexual thoughts, compelled by sexual thoughts, and urge to masturbation leaving behind the day-to-day activities; it calls for medical attention and counseling.


What are the medicines for masturbation?

There are no medicines required for masturbation, as it is not a disease. Those who are distracted by masturbation, or have developed anxiety or guilt, may need some counseling and mild medicines to relieve anxiety. 


Masturbation is a boon, which helps if practiced with the right understanding. It helps to release sexual tension and gives sexual pleasure almost as much as after a sexual act.


Myths about masturbation:

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding masturbation even in civilized societies. People have a misconception that masturbation can lead to:


Fact:  Masturbation does not cause blindness. Masturbation is a normal method of sexual activity for both men and women. So it will not cause blindness or any other health problem. Masturbation has nothing to do with the loss of any sensory organs of the body and is a completely safe sexual activity


Fact: Masturbation is good for maintaining fertility and does not make a man unable to produce children later.

All men who have fathered children have a long history of masturbating. If a man is trying to conceive, he has a better chance if he's masturbated within a few days than if he hasn't. Masturbating flushes out the older semen and sperm cells and after masturbating, the newer, better semen and sperm cells are left

Sexual weakness and decrease in organ size

Fact: Masturbating flushes your sex organs of fluids that have accumulated and keeps them in good, healthy condition

Males have many sexual organs that need to be emptied regularly: the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, Cowper's gland. Masturbating cannot cause you to run out of sperm, semen, or other sexual fluids. These fluids are replenished daily just like other bodily fluids: saliva, stomach acid, bile.

Masturbating is also good for the penis. It keeps the blood flowing in and out of the penis like it's supposed to for erections.

Decrease the libido

Fact: Masturbation surprisingly can increase your sex drive. You might think that it would have the opposite effect – that you would need less sex because you are already getting stimulation through masturbation. This is actually not the case, however – in fact, the opposite thing happens and your body comes to expect sex. It can't distinguish between sex and masturbation – as long as you orgasm – and when you do you will release chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins into the brain. These chemicals are addictive – and so you will find yourself wanting more of them over time and thereby increasing your sex drive.

Health benefits of masturbation in men

  • Manages Premature Ejaculation
  • Prevents Prostate cancer
  • Improves sperm motility
  • Manages stress & depression
  • Ups your Immunity
  • Boosts your mood
  • Prevents you from pregnancy and STDs.

Health benefits of masturbation in women

  • Improves strength of the pelvic floor
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves cervical health
  • Improves general health
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Relieves menopausal symptoms

Masturbation is a normal part of sexuality in humans, even if they are involved in a relationship with another person. Even though some people are still often taught in childhood that masturbation is something to avoid, researchers and experts in sexuality agree that masturbation is a normal, healthy sexual behavior.

Homeopathy for masturbation

There are homeopathic medicines given in the literature. In fact, most of them are not reliable. Masturbation does not need any homeopathic treatment as such. Only some anxiety-relieving medicines in some select cases may be required.

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