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    A Young Girl Treated Beautifully For   Lichen Planus And Anxiety Disorder

    This is a case of a young girl Ms. M.S.B age 27 years (Identification no.: 26371). She visited Life Force on 1st August 2015 at Chembur branch. She was suffering from a skin ailment known as Lichen Planus . It is a skin disease affecting whole body, which develops black lesions. It was rapidly progressing. She was taking homeopathic medicine  for the same but had to take tab Allegra for itching and also psychiatric medicine in the past.

    She was also suffering from Anxiety disorder for the past 3 years. She would get panicky feeling, would get lost in the world, vague dreams, negative thoughts and would be breathless for some time.

    She had average appetite, would take mixed diet, more of spicy food, did not like fruits, had average thirst, and couldn’t tolerate heat in any form.

    Patient was an Engineer by profession working for a software company and also pursuing her MBA. She was born and brought up in a nuclear family and was the only child of her parents. Her father was retired as a project manager from a private company and her mother was working as HR in National Textile Company.

    Her father was suffering from Psoriasis  and paternal grandfather had Diabetes , her maternal grandmother her Diabetes and Vitiligo .
    In the past patient had suffererd from Jaundice.

    She was very polite, confident, talkative, and anxious. She always planned and organized things before time, she felt lonely as she had no siblings. Her childhood was stressful due to her parent’s fights, and clashes she would feel neglected and unloved.

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      Dr Shah studied the whole case and prescribed his research based medicines.

    The patient gave her 1st follow up on 11th september2015. She was 50% better. No new spots had appeared, the old spots had decreased those in the oral cavity and genitals had reduced, her anxiety had also decreased.

    She gave 2nd follow up on 2nd December

    Her Lichen Planus had decreased, old lesions were drying up, itching had also decreased, spots on the tongue were better and those on the genitals were far better, her anxiety was also in control and she had put on weight.

    The patient gave her 3rd follow up on 29th January 2016.

    She was improving; burning, itching and soreness had subsided. Her Lichen planus had further decreased and post hyperpigmentation spots were seen in the genitals.

    The 4th follow up was on 14th march 2016. She was much better, no itching or eruptions were observed. She had not taken corticosteroids for a long time.

    The 5th follow up was on 22nd June where old lesions had dried up, hyperpigmentation was seen, oral Lichen planus was asymptomatic, and her anxiety was also much in control.

    Patient had showed improvement mentally and physically.

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