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    An Allopath found way out for his Lichen Planus in Homeopathy

    Thirty-seven years old general medical practitioners from Dhulia visited Life Force in May 2015 for the treatment of Lichen Planus  (LP).

    His complaints started in 2014 when he experienced Black circular raised lesions on his legs, near ankles, and near his genitals. He used to get intense itching and burning over the lesions. He took conventional medicines. His skin LP was better with that, but he developed whitish purplish lesions inside the oral cavity. His inner cheeks, tongue, and roof of the mouth were affected by the LP lesions. He experienced intense pain with a burning sensation which would aggravate after eating even mildly spicy food. For this, he took oral and local steroids for around two to three months without any significant relief. He tried a homeopathic treatment and didn’t find any significant change after it. When he visited Life Force he had lesions on his genitals and oral cavity.

    He had associated complaints of acidity for the last ten years. He would experience a burning sensation in the abdomen, pain, and occasional vomiting after eating pulses and spicy food. He also complained of unsatisfactory stools along with flatulence.

    His father had glaucoma and his mother was suffering from joint complaints.

    He would prefer both veg and nonveg diet and was sensitive to hot weather. He had craving for spicy and sweet food. He would perspire profusely all over the body.

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    Mr. RMC was a doctor by profession who was practicing in a village near Dhulia in Maharashtra. He was staying there with her wife and two daughters. His father was a farmer and his mother was a homemaker. 

    When he was young the financial condition of the family was poor. After completing his education he struggled a lot and finally could settle the whole family. He took the financial responsibility of the whole family including his parents and two sisters. His second sister had some conflict with her husband. So she took divorced and remarried a guy of her choice. The patient was against the second marriage, but his sister got married against his wish and so he had a lot of anger and vexation towards her. 

    He was constantly under stress as his elder daughter had epilepsy.  

    With all these details Dr.Shah analyzed the case and prescribed his research-based medicines for the patient. Proper dietary and other restrictions were explained to the patient along with medicines.

    After two months in June 2015, the patient reported a 10% improvement in his Lichen Planus over inner cheeks, tongue, and roof. The burning sensation and pain were slightly better. Still, he was not able to eat even mildly spicy food. The lesions were the same as before. 

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    Patient-reported a few new eruptions over his genitals with intense itching and burning sensation which would aggravate scratching. After analyzing the follow-up Dr.Shah has upgraded the prescription.

    In the follow-up on September 2015, the patient mentioned around fifty percent improvement in oral as well as Lichen Planus over the genitals. The burning and pain in the oral cavity were much better nut he didn’t start eating spicy food yet. Dr.Shah prescribed medicines after going through the follow-up.

    In December 2015 patient-reported further improvement in both oral and over genitals. He didn't experience any new eruptions and reported significant improvement in his acidity as well. The patient continued the medicines prescribed by Dr.Shah.

    In February 2016 patient visited for follow-up and reported an increase in his oral Lichen Planus. He had some acute throat infection for which he took antibiotics. As per the patient after taking antibiotics the pain and burning increased. He experienced some roughness in the lesions of the inner cheeks, tongue, and roof. He also reported a few new eruptions on his bilateral legs and near ankles. The eruptions on genitals also increased this time with intense itching. The patient also reported a deficiency of Vitamin and Vitamin B12, so advised to take supplements for the same. Taking into consideration the increase in symptoms Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription.

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    In May 2016 after four months of further treatment patient reported significant improvement in his condition. They mentioned that the lesions on his tongue were completely better and the lesions on inner cheeks, were better by sixty to seventy percent. The burning sensation and pain were reduced drastically. He would be able to eat properly. He even started eating mild spicy food for two months. The eruptions on his legs and genitals were completely better except for the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. The itching was reduced by sixty percent and the burning sensation was much less this time. His acidity was completely better. Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines.

    Patient-reported overall eighty to ninety percent improvement in the month of September 2016. The lesions on the inner cheeks, tongue, and roof of the mouth showed remarkable improvement. There was a mild burning sensation on eating spicy food. The eruptions on legs especially near ankles were a hundred percent better. Only the hyperpigmentation was left.
    The Itching and burning reduced significantly. The patient was extremely happy with the result achieved. He is still continuing the medicines for complete recovery. 

    This case highlights that increase in eruptions is expected in Lichen Planus after taking painkillers or antibiotics. However, the newer lesions are shorter-lasting and are not as severe as earlier. Slowly but steadily, the recurrence of these new spots reduces and gives the patient long-lasting relief without any side effects. 
    -Dr. Aparna Hingmire, Life Force Homeopathy

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