Homeopathy Promoted Great Recovery From Chronic Recurrent Cold & Eliminated The Dependency On Conventional Medicines

A 61-year-old male patient, Mr. R. B. S. (PIN: 17547) visited our center on 19th November 2011 with complaints of chronic recurrent cold. He had been suffering from this complaint for more than 20 years. For the last 4 years, he was suffering from sneezing, running nose, throat irritation, dry cough, and nose block altogether. It would trouble him more in the winter. He had been taking Codeine, Deriphyllin, and Cetirizine for the last 4 years daily. He had been operated on for nasal polyp 4 years back. In spite of all these medicines, he did not find any relief. He had become dependent on these medicines. For the last four years, he was on Tablet Codeine Sulphate three times a day and Tablet Cetirizine three times a day. When he was on these medicines, he was well, but, if he discontinued these medications, he would have severe symptoms. He had become addicted to these tablets. He was also suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and an underactive thyroid. They were under control by conventional medicines. 

His appetite was average. He preferred sweet, spicy, salty, chilly, and fried food. He could tolerate both extremes of temperature. 

He was an owner of a chartered accountancy firm. His wife was a homemaker. His son was a pilot. His daughter was married and settled. He was disciplined, systematic, and fastidious by nature. He would keep correcting anyone and everybody. He was a workaholic and would enjoy working for long hours. He did not like any entertainment sources, such as T.V. He was a Bible follower and regularly gave sermons. He was calm and would not get angry easily. He was honest and would fight for the integrity of a system rather than fighting against an individual. He never gave bribes. He could not tolerate any wrongdoing. He had inculcated these qualities even in his children. 

His father had diabetes.

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah in detail and Arsenicum Album 30c along with some research-based medicines were prescribed to the patient.

He reported on 17th January 2012 after 2 months of the treatment with no improvement in relief from any complaint. His case was reviewed and Ammonium Carbonicum 30c along with other medicines were prescribed to the patient.

After 4 months of medication, he reported on 20th March 2012 with 30% improvement in his relief from the cold complaint. He was able to reduce the dosage of his conventional medicines to twice a day from what previously it was thrice a day dosage.

After 7 months of medication, he found 50% relief in his nose block and sneezing. He was further able to reduce the dosage of his conventional medicines to once a day.

After 10 months of medication, he reported on 18th September 2012 with 75% improvement in the relief. He had stopped having conventional medicines from the last month. His relief from the nose block and sneezing was much better. He was very happy to report the stoppage of his old medicine, which was being continuously taken for 4 years.

"Dr! I could finally stop the two medicines...! and I am still alive...!" were his expressions. He is still continuing homeopathic treatment to experience complete recovery of his chronic cold.

This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic recurrent cold successfully and safely without any side-effects and helps in eliminating the dependency on conventional medicines.

-Written by Dr. M.N.P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 


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The following are the symptoms of the common cold.

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