What is Frequent Colds?

Do you or your child suffer from frequent colds? Sneezing and running nose, nose block, sinusitis, heavy head and sore throat, cough, and wheeze? Do you get worse by exposure to dust or pollen?

Do you keep taking antihistaminic tablets which makes you drowsy?

Tonsils may be considered as two guards standing at the entrance (throat) and protecting the human system against a wide range of intruders such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, and the like. Tonsils are natural protectors and vital organs of the self-defense mechanism of the body. They are like the soldiers fighting on the border who get injured (inflamed) protecting the country.

Welcome to the homeopathic solution to your frequent colds. A short course of medicine for four months may change your life. The medicines are easy to take, absolutely safe may be taken with conventional treatment.

Statistics speak:

Our clinical studies at Life Force (ISO 9001:2000 certified global clinic attached with Research center) has shown excellent results:

Following are the statistics based on a study of 350 patients suffering from frequent colds.

80%+ improvement
40 to 80% improvement
10 to 40 % improvement
No Change
80%+ 40 to 80% 10 to 40% No change
245 65 12 28

Thousands of homeopathic practitioners have treated millions of patients suffering from frequent colds, using homeopathic medicines over the last 200+ years. We, at Life Force, have formulated the best and the most effective homeopathic remedies. We also have developed new molecules and added them to the protocol. Our new molecule is patent pending with the patent authorities of India.

What is the basis of homeopathic medicine?
Its selection is based on the concept that frequent colds result from one or more of the following causative and triggering factors:

1. Genetic tendency
2. Infections: Bacterial, viral
3. Allergens: Food, pollen, dust, mites, others
4. Environment: Extreme cold, heat
5. Poor health
6. Stress
7. Drugs

The key issue is the 'altered immunity'. Homeopathic medicines are supposed to be working at the immune level whereby enhancement of immunity prevents frequent colds.

Homeopathic medicine is believed to address the genetic predisposition, enhance the resistance making the patient less susceptible to allergens, infections, and the environment.

The homeopathic medicines in our protocol are largely derived from the plant kingdom, such as Thuja occidentalis and some immuno-boosters from bacterial sources. The said immune boosters are the homeopathic version of vaccines but prepared using a method of Potentization, transforming the original substance into curative measures. Homeopathy science has been using such medicines since 1880.

Treating the roots, not merely the result!
There is little logic in treating merely the symptoms such as running nose; sneezing and nose block using antihistamine medicines. This problem of frequent colds is deeper rooted and needs to be addressed at the root level. Homeopathy just attempts to work at the root of the allergies.

Who will be benefited?
Everyone and anyone with frequent colds will be benefited from homeopathic medicines. Babies as little as six months and elders, who have the tendency to catch cold may find great relief with homeopathic medicines.

Recommended use:
We recommend a four-month course. Most patients respond within four months. Those who do not may require another course for four months. Those patients who may have frequent colds for more than five, ten, or twenty years, may need maintenance dose depending on how their body systems respond.

Can it help during an acute attack of cold?
Homeopathic medicines are aimed at boosting long-term immunity. They may not help during an acute attack of cold. During the acute episode, you may take your conventional medicine, without stopping homeopathy.

Are there side effects?
No, there are no side effects to homeopathic medicines, even if used for a long time. The medicines are safe for babies, pregnant women as well as elderly people. The medicines may be taken as a complementary therapy along with other conventional medicines.

How to purchase medicine online?
It is very simple. You may simply sign up online by clicking here. On signing up, you will receive a small questionnaire, allowing you to send us brief details about your colds. Based on the said details, the most suitable remedial solution will be chosen for you or your child and will be shipped to you, anywhere in the world. In case you do not want to write a questionnaire reply, you may simply conduct this online questionnaire which will give us enough detail about your frequent colds. (If not, we shall ask you to reply to the questionnaire.)

More about the medicines:
You may read a detailed article on the sources of homeopathic medicines at ingredients

Are the medicines approved?
Homeopathic medicines are approved in most parts of the world. Homeopathy has been recognized by the WHO and the medicines are approved by the FDA in the US. The medicines we ship from our center in India are prepared as per the Indian rules and regulations.

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The common cold is a viral infection affecting the nose and throat.

Symptoms of the Common Cold:

The following are the symptoms of the common cold.

  1. A runny or stuffy nose.
  2. A loss of smell/taste
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The common cold is a viral infection that affects the throat and nose i.e. your upper respiratory tract adversely.


Symptoms of the Common Cold:

The following are the symptoms of the common cold.

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