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    “I have a rare privilege of treating all kinds of Americans from every corner of the US, including the past President’s family, Hollywood stars, scientists, university professors, and the like.”

    - Dr Rajesh Shah


Varsh Kishor Navale, Pune

My name is Varsh Kishor Navale. I stay in Pune. I am suffering from hair problem almost around 4-5 years. My hair breaks from the root, thinning, and I had some bald patches. Now I am taking treatment from Life Force for 1 month, my issue resolved 70%. I took various treatment from other clinics before but were not fruitful.  I came to Life Force with my sister reference, she also got a good result.  I feel my hair thickness also recover in a year time, now 70% better, I have a guaranty that I will recover at Life Force. Thank you

S. Z., India

Lichen Planus has stopped spreading; there is around 70% improvement. I get little itching some times on the old spots, but no obvious spots appeared. No new spots appeared for Lichen Planus since last medicine. Few old spots skin color change are fading away. Photosensitivity is reduced by 30%. The burning sensation has reduced to most extent. Have seen good improvement with the treatment for lichen Planus and would like to get treated for other related problems as well.

D. B., US

D. B., US, Pin no. 19396. I was suffering from frequent colds and allergic tendency; I would have continuous running nose and sneezing. I used to be very exhausted and sleepy for long hours, it was probably due to the side effects of the Anti allergic medications which I was taking for the last many years. After starting the treatment, the frequency of my cold has reduced a lot, last 3 months has gone without cold and sneezing. I had only one attack that was also very mild. The medicines have worked very well for my cold and allergies.


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