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Incredible Relief In Hair Fall & Graying Of Hair Found In Just 5 Months With Homeopathy

A 20-year-old male patient, Mr. R.C. (PIN: 41404) visited Life Force’s Santacruz clinic with the complaint of hair fall in October 2019. He was suffering from hair fall from a year.

The patient was complaining of mild to moderate hair fall leading to baldness on the frontal area that was extending backward. His 15-20 hair strands per day used to fall. The patient also faced the problem of premature greying of the hair for 1 year. He, majorly, experienced hair fall while waking up in the morning, taking bath, and washing the hair.

Physically, the patient looked lean and thin. He weighed 51 kgs. He was tolerant to the cold temperatures. He had an average appetite and thirst. His urine and stool were normal. His sleep was sound, deep, and refreshing.

The patient was very tensed because of the problem.

Investigations were done and the patient was low on essential vitamins B12 and D3, so its supplements were prescribed to the patient. Other parameters, such as Anemia and Thyroid, were ruled out with the reports.

After studying the case in detail Dr. Shah prescribed Phosphorus 30 to the patient.

Within the span of 4 months of homeopathic treatment, the patient had experienced tremendous positive results.

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At the first follow-up on 9th December 2019, the patient did not show much improvement. He was guided to continue with medicines and supplements regularly.

At the second follow-up on 22nd January 2020, the patient experienced a 20% to 30% improvement in the relief in hair fall and greying of hair.

At the third follow-up on 5th February 2020, the patient experienced about 90% improvement in the relief in hair fall and 75% relief in the greying of hair.

By experiencing these positive results, the patient is very happy and content with Dr. Shah’s homeopathic treatment at Life Force.



This case highlights that homeopathy is very effective in treating hair fall and greying of hair with rapid progress in the relief. Homeopathy at Life Force helps heal many throughout the world.


  • Written by Dr. Mariyam Saherwala, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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