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Hair Loss: More about Homeopathic Approach to Hair loss

No shampoos, no hair tonics, no oils!

Since hair loss is a deep-rooted problem, the homeopathic treatment does not believe in any local medication with hair tonics or shampoos. We have consistently observed that such products rarely help or do little good. It is the internal treatment decided for an individual patient, which cures the hair loss.

Hair loss is not a local disorder: As described elsewhere on this website, hair loss is not exclusively a local disorder. It is a local expression of a generalized body state. For example, it may be either due to the nutritional deficiency or stress or hormonal imbalance or even due to local scalp disorder such as dandruff. Having said thus, one clearly understands that the treatment for hair falling should not be with any local medication with creams or tonics. It has to be at the root level.

Why homeopathy for hair loss? Major benefits of homeopathy can be summarized as under:

  • It is constitutional; hence, there is deep-level healing and recovery.
  • It offers long-lasting cure instead of temporary relief.
  • It is absolutely harmless, safe and non-toxic.

Constitutional Approach: The homeopathic approach to the treatment of hair loss is essentially ‘constitutional’ and ‘individualistic’. In simple words, no two persons suffering from hair loss are alike; hence, they call for individual case attention. Indeed, this approach is absolutely scientific and amazingly effective.

The homeopathic treatment is determined after evaluation of the patient's case in detail. The case study is the most vital part of the treatment, wherein various aspects of the patient's lifestyle, personality, food-habits, emotional make-up, personal and the family history are evaluated appropriately to decide on the correct medication to treat hair loss. As the entire constitution (physical and mental) of the patient is evaluated in a systematic manner, the homeopathic treatment is called as the ‘constitutional treatment’.

After the individual case study, one homeopathic remedy is selected which suits the particular patient suffering from hair falling. As you can imagine, the remedy for every patient with hair falling may be deferent depending on his or her constitution. There are over 2000 medicines in homeopathy used for a range of problems. About twenty or more are commonly indicated for the cases of hair falling. The homeopathic medicines are prepared from a wide range of substances such as the vegetable, herbs, minerals, chemicals, animal products (extremely minute dose), etc. The methodology applied in the making of the homeopathic medicines is unique and revolutionary.

The homeopathic medicine selected for the patient is administered in a very small dose, which is expected to stimulate the hair growth process.

The duration of treatment: Hair growth, in general, is a slow process. It takes times to appreciate any change in the growth rate of hair falling. Depending on the nature of causes in a given case of hair falling, the treatment is required for 4 to 8 months or more. Within three to four months time, one can appreciate the definite improvement in most cases.

How does the constitutional treatment help? The very significance of the constitutional treatment in homeopathy is to 'treat the patient as a whole' or 'patient as a person' which is directed to heal the body-mind system from within. The constitutional treatment helps the body's own healing mechanism, enhances body's self-recovery capacity hence leading to a long-term cure.

Psychosomatism explored: The unique feature of homeopathy is that the treatment incorporates the in-depth understanding of the psychosomatic links that are at times observed in many cases of hair loss. There are special homeopathic medicines selected on the basis of intense emotions, which may be precipitating the problem at the root level. There is hardly any method of therapeutics founded on such a sound scientific philosophy.

Homeopathy: Natural approach: Needless to say, that the entire homeopathy treatment since based on the natural law of cure, is essentially safe and absolutely harmless.

How to get started with the treatment? Dr Shah's online treatment works on simple 3 steps. Please click here for more details.

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