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R. Y., India

I am almost 100% rid of my psoriasis and the joint pain and stiffness of Psoriatic arthritis is 95% better!! Within 6 weeks of medicine itself i experienced very good improvement. My joint pains and stiffness reduced substantially. The psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis improved remarkably. I am very happy to visit Life Force and am very thankful to Dr Rajesh Shah for curing my long standing psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis completely.

Neide Ribeiro Poyart, Brazil

Reasonable improvement with lichen planus. The disease has slowed down. For the thumb, index and ring fingernails the improvement is 40%. For the ring and little fingernails (the disease began in the nails) the improvement is 30%. Apart from the lichen planus I feel a general sense of improvement in the shoulder pains (tendinitis) and in the elbow (epicondylitis). In fact I did treatment with Acupuncture for it but it seems to me that Homeopathy is contributing to this general improvement. The treatment is satisfactory.

M. I., India

I have responded to the medicine quite well and I am extremely keen to continue the treatment. I am very happy with the results as the spots have disappeared around my neck and upper lips except with only very few spots around the nose is visible. Repigmentation changes are visible.


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