• Study shows that most cases of Tonsil surgery
    could be avoided

    We have proved it numerous times that
    homeopathy reduces frequency of Tonsillitis
    and eventually helps avoid surgery

  • It has been said that only ENT surgeon's kids

    do not get their Tonsils removed.
    This is because tonsil surgery is not really needed in most kids

  • This website is dedicated to saving Tonsils

    Tonsils are protective organs in the body
    If you save tonsils, the tonsils will save you

  • Life Force is among world's largest homeopathic clinics

    Chat with our doctors for free,now.
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  • Why do you want to get your Tonsils out?

    When you have your lungs or heart or joints
    inflamed, you do't get them removed, do you?
    Save your tonsils using homeopathy

  • Tired of Antibiotics for Tonsillitis?

    Homeopathy can help you save your tonsils
    Inflamed tonsils (tonsillitis) do not need removal of tonsils.

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What are the chances of cure for your Tonsillitis with homeopathy?

Excellent: Mild, moderate and early cases.
Good: Moderate, severe and huge size enlarged tonsils.
Not so good: Very severe, recurrent septic foci, very old cases with plenty of antibiotics.

Dr Shah's experience with Tonsillitis

Inflamed tonsils (tonsillitis) do not need removal of tonsils. Tonsils are protective glands which need to be saved. Recurrent Tonsillitis is due to lowered immunity. Homeopathy helps to treat and save tonsils by correcting immune system.
Our treatment has helped patients in 180+ countries.

Dr. Shah homeopathy experience

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Tonsils are very important organs, which protect our body from attack by germs and other foreign particles. In the process of protection, they get inflamed, what is called as Tonsillitis. If you or your child suffer with frequent tonsillitis, you need to get your immune system corrected using homeopathy, rater than getting your tonsils removed. You must save your tonsils.

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What is homeopathy?

Dr. Shah's Advice

Thinks 10 times before getting your tonsils removed. It is not only possible to save your tonsils, but also important to save them as they are vital to your health. At Life Force, we have saved hundreds of patients from tonsil removal.

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What is homeopathy?

Today's Tips

Better to avoid chilled drinks if you tend to get frequent colds and throat infections. If you have mild adenoids, homeopathy can treat them. If you very severe adenoids, you may need surgery.

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What our Tonsillitis patients say

Some patients sharing their experiences at Life Force

My child had frequent colds. The ENT surgeon suggested removing his adenoids. We did it. However, his colds did not improve much. He then suggested removing the tonsils. I did not agree to it and looked around for the alternative. I found Dr. Shah's clinic. Now, my child is almost free from the attacks of infections and his tonsils are saved!

Mrs. Lucia Picardo, India

Improvement since the treatment started is 90 percent. Improvement since last medicine is about 10 percent. Tonsils have decreased in size slightly. Blood test: Aso Titre is normal.

P. C., India

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