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Mr. A. C. - England, United Kingdom

I have been taking your prescribed medication for three months now and can say that there has been a marked improvement in neuralgia pain levels and now suffer only when washing my hair and when my spectacles are pushed against my left eye brow.

M. S., Brazil

I have responded very well, it is pretty amazing, I'm very excited and happy with the results so far. I've improved a lot, now I can take hot baths, I can eat pretty much anything I want I don't get the rashes after doing that. I still get some rashes whenever I am nervous, like talking in front of a crowd or something like that, but the rashes are much more less frequent and the color of rashes now are a little more light. So I still get the rashes but I am very excited with the treatment, so I would say I have improved 50 %. Whenever I get too nervous or when I do hard exercise I still get the rashes. but with less intensity, I'd say it has improved 40 %. thank goodness I came across this site before talking the medicines.

K. B. - Brooklyn, NY, United States

The first thing I have to say is that already after taking your medication for one week, the hair stopped falling. Even though I have experienced improvement to homeopathy medicines before, this was the first time, my hair actually stopped falling. I want to thank you for this, because it was a huge burden on my shoulders. From then my scalp and hair improved slowly but gradually. After 3 months it stopped getting greasy so fast. My over-all health also improved. I didn't feel so shaky anymore.


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