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S. D., USA

The diarrhoea has completely stopped. I see 100 % improvement. My energy levels are high and overall I'm feeling much better than before.

Mother of S. R., Reading, UK

Hello Doctor, my son has been taking the medicine regularly. His tonsils problem is much better than before and there is also a slight improvement in the mouth breathing although he still mouth breathes. Some nights he does snore but his snoring has improved. On the whole he has improved. Thank you.

R. C. D., India

s suffering from Urticaria since last 2 years presenting with wheal formation and excess itching and hives on the body. The hives would get triggered due to intake of milk and coffee. This complaint had made me dependent on Antiallergic medications which was still not helping me. I was also suffering from frequent colds and allergies. Within 6 months of starting the treatment, there was good improvement. I have responded very well to the treatment. In last 6 weeks there is no Urticaria coming up. I also tried taking coffee and I could take it without getting an Urticaria. Last 3-4 months, there are no urticaria episodes. My colds and allergies are also under control. I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment.


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