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Case-5: Considerable improvement achieved in Muscular Dystrophy with Dr. Shah's medicines.

Mr. J. F. P, 19 years old male, from a remote village of Maharashtra, India visited Life Force center on 2nd February 2011. His patient identification number is 15426.

Muscular dystrophyHe had gradually developed weakness and muscle wasting. His small joints were gradually getting deformed. In past 4 Ð 5 years there was weakness in lower limbs. He was unable to stand on one leg or run. He had imbalance and limping. In the upper limbs there was muscle wasting, deformity of small joints around knuckles and nail beds were swollen. He had pain in hip area and required efforts and strength to stand and walk. He had checked his CPK levels in November 2010, which were 475. A local doctor prescribed him a multivitamin capsule. He was unattended for his complaints since childhood as his parents thought it to be polio. He was introduced to Dr. Shah by a relative.

His diet was mixed with no specific liking or disliking. The perspiration was more on palms and soles. He was sensitive to warm weather. He was losing weight and was lean in appearance.

He worked in the shop of mattresses owned by his father. His mother was a homemaker. He had an elder brother who was working in auto electrical shop. He had 4 sisters.

He was calm and obedient. He was shy and timid by nature. He never felt anger or irritability. He was sensitive and sentimental. He was anxious regarding his illness.

His father suffered from asthma and his mother suffered from osteoarthritis. His paternal grandfather also has asthma.

He was taking physiotherapy sessions occasionally. He weighed 52 Kgs.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed his research based medicines.

He called on 31st May for first follow up. There was neither any improvement nor deterioration of his symptoms. His case had become stable indicating a control over the progressive disease process. His prescription was upgraded and given for 1 month, as he wanted to visit personally for his next follow up.

He personally visited on 4th July for feedback. The weakness and imbalance in lower limbs was same. The muscle wasting in upper limbs as well was stable. There were no new symptoms. He had checked his CPK levels on 2nd July 2011and the value was 829. It had increased from last report of November 2010 but his symptoms were stable. Dr. Shah enhanced the medicines a prescribed for 2 months.

He called up on 29th August for feedback. He felt around 10% improvements in his symptoms. The weakness and muscle wasting were better by 10%. His imbalance was also better by 10%. There were no new symptoms.

He reported over the phone on 31st December with further improvement in weakness and imbalance. His health had also improved. He was prescribed medicines for 2 months.

After a year of treatment he visited on 16th March 2012 for feedback. There was overall improvement in all his symptoms. The legs weakness was considerably better. The muscle wasting around the knuckles and nail bed swelling was better by around 40%. The pain in the hips and knees was less by 30%. The imbalance was stable. He had started with slurred speech since 2 months. He had gained around 8 Kgs weight in last 1 year.

He gave a feedback on phone in July 2012. The pain in the hips and knees and weakness had increased mildly. The muscle wasting in the hands and nail bed swelling was stable. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in the medicines.

He called up on 1st December to give a feedback. He had experienced considerable improvement in his symptoms of weakness, imbalance and muscle wasting. He is still under our care.

Uploaded on 7th February 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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