Life Force Homeopathy Cures 14-years-old Complaint Of Urticaria In Just 6 Months

48-years-old marine surveyor, Mr. R V K (Patient Identification Number – 25936) visited Chembur branch of Life Force Homeopathy on 12th June 2015 with multiple complaints. One of his complaints was Urticaria, which he was suffering since past 14 years. He used to develop wheals of 3-4 cms size anywhere on his body, particularly on his shoulders, arms, and behind the knees or hips. The location used to change during every episode, and every episode used to last for about three hours. He used to suffer from irresistible itching and burning pain around the affected area. He was allergic to shrimps, prawns, cheese, ketchups, raw mustard, raw peanuts, and artificial foods. He used to take anti histamine tablet as and when the need arose since a couple of years.

Apart from Urticaria, he also complained having two to three lichen planus lesions on his scalp for the past three years. The lesions made his suffer from tremendous itching and burning in that particular area. He had been applying some conventional ointment which was giving no relief.

He also complained knee pain and cracking in knee joints that he was suffering since one year. Running, climbing the stairs, and the first movement would always cause aggravation of the pain. The pain used to be better with pressure. He was not taking any medicines for the pain.

He had been taking conventional medicines to control his blood pressure.

In addition to these complaints, he was severely obese. He weighed 107 kgs when he first visited Life Force.

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He had an average appetite and liked to eat eggs, chocolates, and spicy food. He used to consume alcohol on an occasional basis. He was quite sensitive to heat and used to perspire profusely all over his body, particularly greater on his scalp. He used to have frequent dreams of falling from his bed or a feeling of losing his breathe that used to make him wake up frightened.

Physical Make-up: He was obese weighing more than 106kgs with a good built and sturdy physique.

In the past, he had suffered from jaundice and also had fractures multiple times.

There was a significant family history of hypertension in his family, as his both parents and brother were suffering from the same. His mother also suffered from acidity and osteoarthritis. His paternal aunt suffered from cancer.

Family: His family consisted of his mother, wife, who was a home maker, and his two sons - younger one studying in 8th standard while the elder one was into aircraft maintenance. 

He was a lively, enthusiastic and chirpy person. He loved to jest, laugh and make others laugh as well. But deep down, he was emotionally very sensitive. He had tremendous fears like fear of financial loss, fear of heights, fear of quarrels, and other fears. He also had an anticipatory anxiety about his future, for which he would always have a back-up plan.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and advised him two sets of treatments which would treat his multiple complaints. Dr. Shah prescribed him Lycopodium 30C for Lichen Planus and one of his research based molecules for Urticaria and joint pain for six weeks. Dr.Shah also advised him to get his vitamin D3 levels checked and put sincere efforts to lose weight as obesity could possibly lead to many other chronic health issues, particularly diabetes. 

He gave his first follow-up through our online progress report system on 26th August 2015. He mentioned an outstanding 90% improvement in Urticaria. The frequency, intensity and spread had reduced by many folds. The need of conventional medicines was reduced by 99%. He took it just once as a precautionary measure to prevent any episode of urticaria while playing cricket. As far as his Lichen planus was concerned, there were no new lesions, old lesions had stopped spreading, and the intensity of the old spots was reduced. However, the itching was persistent. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription and medicines were given to him for two months.

For the next follow-up, he visited Chembur branch after a gap of four months on 21st January 2016 as he was out of country due to some professional commitments. Despite the irregularity in medicines, his improvement continued consistently. He was glad to inform that there was not a single episode of Urticaria since the time he had started homeopathic treatment. He had discontinued all antihistamine medicines. His body had now developed resistance towards items like ketchup, cheese, etc that he was allergic to in the past. His knee pain was reduced by 90%-95%. He could run, jog, and climb the stairs without any discomfort or cracking sound. The lichen planus lesions were improving gradually. The itching around the lesions was reduced considerably. But, three to four new lesions had come up since three months. Probably, this could be due to the gap in the medication or stress induced. He was instructed to maintain regularity in taking medicines to get better at the earliest.


What the conventional system of medicine could not do in 14 years was done by six months of homeopathic treatment. Urticaria responds very well to the homeopathic treatment. When the correct homeopathic medicine is prescribed in the correct dose, it helps in balancing the hypersensitive immune system and thus helps develop resistance to the possible allergens.

- Written by Dr. Amrita, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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