Enlarged Prostate Successfully Treated In 4 Months By LifeForce Homeopathy

69-year-old male mechanical engineer and current VICE-PRESIDENT of neutral glass company, Mr. S.M. (PIN 30208) approached LifeForce’s Chembur branch, Mumbai on 4th Nov 2016 with complaints of prostate enlargement.

He suffered from the following symptoms:

- Burning urination.

-Mild pain in the private part while passing urine.

-Discomfort of itching at times.

-Mild urgency sometimes.

-Sensation of something is obstructing the urine flow.

-Split stream of urine sometimes.

- Dribbling+ of the urine sometimes.

He also suffered from BP issues, and he was on regular medicines. He was on Tab. Amlopin 5 mg since past 25 years. The reason Mr. S.M decided to visit LifeForce was that he did not want to go for a surgery in future for his prostrate, and he hoped to avoid it forever. Also, he did not want to consume heavy medications for prostrate.

Mr. S.M is a vegetarian and leads a very healthy life. He avoids junk food and believes in exercising a lot. He has no addictions. Thus, when he was struck with his prostrate problem, he was upset and felt low because he was in a high post in a company and he could not walk out of a meeting or any conference again and again to pass urine with difficulty. It made his self-confidence low!

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He is a very particular kind of person. He is always very punctual, and he loved his wife. They have an amazing chemistry between them. They do not have any children till date. He said that the most painful event of his life till date was the death of his father, and even today he gets upset when he thinks about his father.

So, on 4th November 2016, Mr. S.M got registered with LifeForce with a detailed case history. His all previous reports were noted. Following are the reports when Mr. S.M first came to us:


1. 22/9/2016:  PSA: 12.94

2. 28/9/2016:  PSA: 12.11

-USG: 24/9/2016: (SONOGRAPHY)

1. Gall stone single 7 mm.

2. Pre-void: 225 cc.

3. Post void: 68 cc

4. Prostate enlargement: 60 cc

1St follow-up on 6.12.2016:  Mr. S.M visited LifeForce for his first follow-up after one and half month. To our surprise, in the very first dose of medicines, he showed 40-50% improvement. His major complaints which bothered him like urine urgency had reduced by 50%. He was happy with the medicines and wanted the next batch to continue the same effect.

2nd follow-up on 16.1.2017:  

Total PSA 4.18 (Normal is up to 4) 2.12.2016.

His complaints had further reduced. He was happy with the fast improvement that he received. The only remaining complaint he had was burning urination, which had reduced but not completely gone.

Latest follow-up on 16.4.2017:

Patient is completely fine now. His burning urination has reduced yet not completely resolved. We, the LifeForce team, are doing our best to help Mr. S.M get rid of this complaint as well.

Mr. S.M. was prescribed Medorrhinum 200 and Conium 30 along with Dr. Shah sir’s clinically research based medicines.

Mr. S.M now lives a healthy and very comfortable life with full-grown self-confidence back again!


- Written by Dr. Nikita, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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