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A Remarkable Improvement In Haemangioma by Homeopathic Medicine At Life Force.

13-years-old young student, Mr.A.B.D. ( Pin no-28980) consulted for haemangioma on his right palm on 14th June 2016 at Life Force’s Pune branch. He had dull aching pain, occasional swelling, and occasional redness on strain in rt. palm. His complaint was aggravated by strenuous exercise and continuous writing. He had taken homeopathic treatments from other centers in the past. He was also suffering from ulcerative colitis and childhood asthma.

The patient was nonvegetarian by diet. Patient liked sweets, chicken, & milk a lot. He didn’t like capsicum and tomatoes. His thirst and perspiration were average. But, his stool was loose, sticky, and unsatisfied due to the complaint of ulcerative colitis. His condition was not affected by the change in whether.

He was studying in 7th standard. His father was working in a private company, and his mother was a school teacher.

He was a happy and well-supported child. He was amiable, kind, and compassionate in nature. He is restless and, sometimes, used to become aggressive. He missed his father as his father was working in a different town. He had the fear of darkness.

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He had suffered from childhood asthma. In his family, his father was diabetic and his mother was suffering from hypothyroidism, vitiligo, and hypertension. His paternal grandmother was suffering from IBS and his maternal aunt was suffering from psoriasis.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him Arnica 30 and his research based molecules for haemangioma.

After five weeks, he visited for the first follow-up on 8th August 2016. He experienced 30% improvement in haemangioma. His pain was reduced. His redness and swelling on strain were also reduced.

On his second follow-up on 17th September 2016, his relief from the complaints had improved by more than 40%. All his symptoms showed a remarkable improvement.

A few months later, when he gave his follow-up on 13th Feb 2017, the patient had not noticed further improvement. He was advised to continue his medication.

On his follow-up on 26th April 2017, his condition had improved by more than 50%.

He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.


This case study highlights that the rightly selected homeopathic medicine shows a visible result in such type of cases of haemangioma.

  • written by Dr. Priyanka A. Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.


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