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Steroid Resistant Lichen Planus Of 4 Years Got 75% Cured In 10 Months With Life Force Homeopathy

A 34-years-old lady patient (with PIN- 29323) visited Life Force on July 23, 2016 for treating her Lichen Planus. The patient was suffering from Lichen Planus since the last 4 yrs. She suffered from purplish raised eruption on her left leg, left knee, both dorsum of hands, right shoulder, on back, chest, and genitals. Eruptions had started spreading after biopsy as patient was kept on antibiotics at that time. Eruptions were stable for 2 years but started spreading since the last one year. The patient suffered itching in the eruption that was increasing at night, summer season, and after scratching. Her Lichen Planus had started because of stress. As she got pregnant immediately after her first delivery, she was sent to her parents for 9 months.

Biopsy (1/1/15): suggestive of Lichen Planus

Patient was on homeopathic treatment since December 2015, which she had stopped since 15 days before visiting Life Force. The patient was following a treatment in the past, which contains steroid and immunosuppressants.

1. T. Psorid 50 (cyclosporine) 1 tab BD for 4 months (Mar 2015 to Sept 2015)

2. Clonate (clobetasol) lotion + venusia lotion - local application for 2 months in March 2015

3. Momate lotion for 2 months in June 2015

4. T. Derza 30 (glucocorticosteroid) 1 tab OD for 2 months

Patient also suffered from a mild flatulence complaint since last 6 years, which used to increase after eating spicy food.

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The patient was following a mixed diet and she had an average appetite. She has liking for sweet and sour foods. Her thirst is less. She gets offensive perspiration on her neck and face. Patient can tolerate cold atmosphere, and is thermally hot. Her bowels are satisfactory. She has regular menses. She had conceived thrice and aborted once, and she is having 2 kids.

The patient enjoys a sound sleep.

Patient is living in a joint family. She is a housewife, her husband is in business of restaurant and bakery. She has 2 kids. One is 6-years-old daughter, and other is son who is 3 yr and 5 months old. Her in-laws stay at home.

Patient had a very happy childhood. Her youth years were little stressful. But, she has a happy married life. Patient was quite mild and shy. She was an anxious and nervous person. She was worried about her husband’s health as he is having hypertension and hyperuricemia. She is used to brooding over the past things, as she was sent to her parents when she conceived immediately after the first pregnancy. Now, she is having good relations with in-laws.

Her father had pulmonary tuberculosis. Her mother is having hypertension and hemorrhoids. Patient’s sister is having underactive thyroid. Her maternal uncle is having diabetes.

Patient’s weight was 61.1 kg, and her BP was 110/70.

After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her Nat mur (VM/2)- 30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

She gave her first follow-up on September 14, 2016. She had experienced a mild improvement in itching and eruption. Doctor prescribed her Nat mur (VM/2) - 30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

Then, the patient sent her photos on November 8, 2016. She told that her Lichen Planus was slowly improving. There was no further spread in eruptions. The doctor prescribed her Nat mur (VM/2) - 30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

On January 18, 2017, patient told that her eruptions were 70% better and she had no more new eruptions. And, her recent spots were 50% better. The doctor prescribed her Nat mur (VM/2) - 30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

The patient gave the next follow-up on March 22, 2017. She experienced overall 70% improvement in the relief from Lichen Planus. The doctor prescribed her Nat Mur (VM/2) -30 two doses and some research based medicine for two months.

On May 14, 2017, the patient told that she was having 75-80% improvement in her old Lichen Planus lesions. But, she had new Lichen Planus eruption spreading under breast which were making her suffer from itching. She was also complaining flatulence. The doctor prescribed her Nat Mur (VM/2)- 30 two doses, Pulsatilla - 30 and some research based medicine for two months.

The patient is still under our homeopathic treatment.


This case study highlights that autoimmune disease like Lichen Planus which becomes resistant to steroid treatment and immunosuppressant responds well and can be treated successfully with homeopathy.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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