Wonder of a small pill, Autism improved significantly within eight months of homeopathic treatment

A child of eight years age (Patient identification number 11343) visited Life Force on 20th October 2008 with features of Autism. He was accompanied with his parents who were very worried about his condition. He was very hyperactive during the consultation and he would sit in one place. He was very restless and had no proper eye contact while communicating with him. On inquiry, parents mentioned that symptoms were evident when they noticed repetitive behavior in their child. He had difficulty in understanding subjects complicated subjects especially mathematics. He could not focus on one work at a time and would get confused. Parents also observed “self talk”, they found him talking to himself and babbling something or the other when he was alone in his room.

The child had a disturbed sleep cycle as he was restless. He would wake up at 4 am and keep on babbling something or the other and would keep wide awake till the next two to three hours. He would then go to sleep between 7 am to 10 am. Mother also gave an important history of two years of babysitting. He was forced to go into a baby sitting as parents thought he would change. But everything in vain, on the contrary, he started disliking his grandparents who would leave him to the baby sitter.

The positive thing was that the child was going to a regular school but used to fail in all the subjects every year. He was undergoing occupational therapy.

On inquiring mother about his birth history, she mentioned about he was born underweight (1.6 kgs). He was delivered through an elective cesarean section fifteen day prior the due date as he had cord around his neck.

Parents also complained their child having Frequent colds. He used to sneeze continuously for 5 minutes every morning accompanied with itching in the eyes. 

Physical generals

The child had a mixed diet and craved for sweets, milk and eggs. His appetite was adequate. He would sweat profusely all over the body. Thermally he was sensitive to hot weather.

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Family set up

The child belonged to a well to do family. He lived in a joint family comprising his parents and his paternal grandparents. His father was a chemical engineer, mother was an anesthetist in Wockhart hospital. He also had a brother who was studying in 7th class and was doing fairly well in his academics.

Mother mentioned that her child was irritable at petty issues. His father was strict and he was hit many times by him a she would not study English.


After evaluating the case history Dr. Shah prescribed Carcinosin 200 and a research based medicine. Parents were advised to continue with occupational therapy

Follow ups

The first follows up dated 20th December 2008 came up with good news that the child had passed in two subjects. The hyperactivity was reduced and he had now started interacting with children of his age. Parents very happy with first prescription.

The other follow ups ranging from 18th February 2009 to 29th July 2009 showed a consistent and remarkable improvement in the child’s vocabulary, fine skills and motor development. The child was bought to the clinic in one of the follow up wherein the child recited a table of 13, sung a poem. He had now developed a good eye to eye contact and would respond to each question asked to him.


This case depicts that homeopathy is strongly recommended for autism. It is now used as a first line of treatment and with Dr. Shah’s research based medicines given along with homeopathy the child improved at a fast pace showing unimaginable improvement in his intellect which was shown in his academic performance. Homeopathy along with behavioral and occupational therapy is a healthy combination of treatment which helps the child grow in all aspects. Homeopathy is usually recommended for long term, but patient’s start showing great results in the first few months of treatment, results may vary from child to child.

  • Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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