90%-100% Relief From Atopic Dermatitis, Sinusitis, & Gastritis Got In A Year With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 15-years-old Mast. A.D, who is the resident of Powai, Mumbai, visited Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of his complaints of Atopic Dermatitis and Sinusitis.

He was suffering from an itchy, dry, & sensitive skin. Similar complaints were present from this childhood affecting his cubital fossa (Anterior side of the elbow joint) and Popliteal fossa (Posterior side of Knee joint) accompanied with eruptions.

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He was experiencing this complaint from the last 11 years, and the frequency was once a year occurring in the period of April to September every time. His complaints used to worsen with the humid weather. His complaints were progressing & were on the rise. He was on the conventional treatment with irregular but frequent use of steroids.

Having a strong genetic link for autoimmune diseases, such as vitiligo, asthma, psoriasis, & sinusitis, in his family, he too inherited them and was suffering a lot.

He was suffering from sinusitis too since 5-6 years. And, it used to trouble him 3-4 times in a year, with its episode lasting for 2-3 weeks. He experienced headaches with the pain in the eyes, dizziness, and nose block. His complaints used to get aggravated on having cold foods and exposure to the sunlight. Being in the sunlight used to aggravate his headaches. His body was sensitive to the cold. 

He had a happy upbringing. He was highly reserved & shy by nature. He was very anxious & scared of starting with anything new. He tried homeopathy treatment for a few years but with a slight relief.

His case was studied thoroughly by Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D, and he prescribed the patient medicines for 6 weeks. His treatment began with a one-year course.

In the initial few months, the patient experienced a stability.

Within 3 months of the treatment, he experienced 75% relief in his Atopic dermatitis with a marked reduction in the itching, sensitivity, & dryness of the skin. Also, he had achieved 50% relief in his complaints of sinusitis. The frequency & intensity of symptoms, headache, & pain in the eyes were now relieved by 50%.

By end of 6 months of the treatment, he got better relief by 80% than earlier with his Atopic dermatitis. He found 70% relief in his sinusitis complaints. 

At about 9 months of following the treatment, he experienced 90% recovery from his Atopic dermatitis. Also, he got 80% relief from his sinusitis complaints. 

After a year of treatment, he experienced a significant improvement. So, he was recommended to continue the treatment for some more time for the best results. 

His treatment continued till April 2018, & the patient was completely stable and well with 90% relief from his Sinusitis.
The treatment at Life Force Homeopathy instilled confidence in him as the medicines here are highly advanced research-based molecules and highly effective. 

In March 2017, he presented with Gastritis where he suffered from the pain in his abdomen, sour belching, vomiting, reduced appetite, & weakness. Initially, he experienced these complaints mildly 2 years back. But, since the beginning of 2017, his symptoms popped up again with severity. So, he was suggested years of treatment & Dr. Shah prescribed advanced research-based molecules to the patient.

Within a month, his complaints were relieved by 75%.

By the end of 7 months of the treatment, he recovered almost completely from his Gastritis symptoms. He no more suffered from any prevailing symptoms.


This case highlights that homeopathy works wonderfully and it’s effective enough to treat and relieve of multiple health complaints, which are chronic & quite difficult to treat, effectively. Homeopathy can help avoid your dependency on the lifelong conventional treatment within a few months or year of treatment.

- Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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