Homeopathy At Life Force Treated A Teen’s Atopic Dermatitis Successfully In Just 6 Months

A 14-years-old young student, Master. R.K. (PIN 8835) presented with the complaints of reddish papular eruptions on his hands and legs that he was suffering from the last 10 years. The patient visited Life Force on 12th June 2015. He was suffering from itching, which used to get aggravated with the change of season and also in every spring and rainy season. When the patient would scratch it, it would result in blood oozing from the site. His complaint and discomfort would last for 2 months, & it used to recur minimum 4 times in a year.

His appetite was excessive. He was very fond of spicy food, eggs, and chocolates. He had aversion to vegetables & sweets. His thirst was average. He used to experience profuse perspiration on the face. He was not comfortable in the hot weather. His motion, urine, & sleep were normal.

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In his family, his father was suffering from urticaria. Besides this, there was no other major illness in the family. He had suffered from dengue fever in Oct 2014.

He was a confident, expressive, & extrovert student. He liked to play cricket. He was very talkative. He was very social and used to make friends easily. He had the fear of darkness. 

His concentration level was good. He was a brilliant student.

After studying his case history in detail, he was prescribed a constitutional homeopathic remedy for the Dermatitis.

After 6 weeks of medication, there was a drastic improvement observed in the eruptions and relief from itching on his hands & legs. No new eruptions were observed on his body.

On his next follow-up on 24th Sep 2015, he had almost recovered. No eruptions were observed in the last 2 months. His itching & redness had disappeared.

On 21stt Jan 2016, he visited our Chembur branch with a new complaint of cold. His skin complaint was totally cured. This time he had the complaint of dry flakes in the nose which was followed by bleeding that often used to get aggravated in the winter. He had an occasional watery coryza. Dr. Shah prescribed a medicine for that complaint.

The patient then visited our Paud center on 26th April 2016. His relief from the cold complaint was improved by more than 95%. No skin complaint was observed till then.

The patient is still continuing our medicine as a preventive care.


This case highlights that Atopic dermatitis can be controlled effectively with homeopathic medicines without the use of external applications of any kind. Homeopathy cures the condition from within and restores the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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