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22-Years-Boy Freed From Lichen Planus With The Help Of Homeopathy



22-years-old male patient from Mumbai, Mr. V.S. (Patient Identification Number: 23256 HIP) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 2nd August 2014 for getting his complaints of Lichen Planus treated. He suffered from Lichen Planus since one year. It had started after a bug bite. He had blackish eruptions over his legs, hands, and other body parts. He took various conventional treatments but got no relief from them.

He also suffered from the complaints of acne from the past two to three weeks. And, they occurred due to the side-effects of the conventional medicines.

He had an average appetite. He preferred a mixed diet. There was a marked craving for chicken and paneer. He was sensitive to cold.

He was a mechanical engineer. His father was retired from a cotton factory, and his mother was a housewife. He had four sisters who were married. He had a good interpersonal relationship with his parents.

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His sister also had Lichen Planus.

He did not suffer from any major illness in the past.

He was an anxious and ambitious person. He had lost his 3 jobs, so he suffered a lot of stress in the past few years. He always compared himself to others.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research-based molecules to the patient for treating Lichen Planus.

Mr. V. S. visited for his first feedback in September 2014. There was overall 50% improvement in his condition. Lesions on his hands and legs had improved.

When he again reported on 27th March 2015, there was 95% improvement in his condition. Old spots had dried up and flattened.

Mr. V. S. again reported on 22 January 2016. There was overall 75% improvement in his condition. Lesions on his hands, legs, chest, and back were reduced.

The patient was giving his feedback regularly, and accordingly, changes were made in his treatment.

When he visited on 16th May 2017, there was more than 97% improvement in his condition. Lesions on his back, chest, hands, and legs had reduced and dried up.

Mr. V.S. continues to take homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further recovery.


This case shows that a skin disease can be treated in a better and effective way with the homeopathy without any side-effects, and for that one must consult a good doctor.


  • Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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