A Non-Healing Varicose Ulcer Healed Completely In 1 Year With Dr. Shah’s Treatment

A 62-year-old lady, Mrs. K. C. S. (PIN: 16921) visited our Life Force center on 8th September 2011. She was complaining of a single non-healing varicose ulcer which was present on her left foot for the last 7 years. It would itch slightly with occasional watery discharge. It was mildly painful. The affected skin was dry and hypopigmented with blackish discoloration. There was a swelling present on the left foot. She had taken many antibiotics courses in the past but nothing seemed to help. She had stopped all the medicines for the last 3 years. Her sister too was suffering from varicose veins and ulcers. Two years back, the patient had undergone surgery for the varicose vein, but that did not relieve her of the varicose ulcer as expected. She had developed this ulcer as an occupational hazard, as she was a teacher and would stand for long hours to give lectures.

She was a high blood pressure patient, whose blood pressure was controlled with conventional medication. She had been regularly checking her sugar levels, and they used to be normal. 

She had an average appetite with a liking for salty and sweet things. Her thirst was average. She would not sweat easily. She could tolerate both extremes of temperature without difficulty. She had attained menopause a few years back. She was well-built in appearance. 

She was a retired teacher now. Her husband was a businessman. She had a daughter who was married and well-settled, and her son, who was also married and in the same family business. She was talkative and expressive by nature. She described herself as ‘perfectionist and fastidious’. She had enjoyed her profession as a teacher and had no major stress in her life. Minor issues with their husband or children would not affect her. She had a past surgical history of hernioplasty and cataract operation. Her sister had diabetes, thyroid disorder, and varicose ulcer.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Carcinosin 30c and Mercurius Solubilis 30c along with some research-based medicines.

After 6 months of medication on 7th February 2012, there was no significant improvement observed. The mild itching and pain had subsided considerably. The ulcer had started to heal from the sides of the wound. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and Lachesis 30c was added with the upgraded medicines.

In the next 3 months of medication on 10th May 2012, she reported a considerable improvement in the appearance of the wound. Her pain had subsided completely. The swelling had reduced. She hadn’t noticed these positive changes in appearance in the past 6 years.

On 8th August 2012, she personally visited our head center to thank Dr. Shah, as her wound had completely healed. There was no sign of any wound on her leg, except the post-healing dark pigmentation. She had vitiligo-type hypo-pigmented patches on both her lower legs that were reduced by 40%-50%. 

This case illustrates the power of healing with homeopathic medicines when administered accurately. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating non-healing varicose ulcer remarkably and safely without any side effects.

-Written by Dr. A.P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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