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4 years old boy would get severe attacks of cough and breathlessness for which he would have to be given antibiotics and nebulization frequently. His complaints would get worse during change of weather.

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This is the case of Master. V. M (Patient Ref. No. S-5435), a 4 years old, male child who was brought to the clinic for complaints of Asthmatic Bronchitis since 6 months. The patient would get severe attacks of cough and breathlessness for which he would have to be given antibiotics and nebulization frequently. His complaints would get worse during change of weather, from cold food or drinks, and in the evenings. He had complaints of frequent colds since childhood. He would catch a cold every month and this would last for at least a week. At such times he would experience bouts of sneezing and mucoid discharge from the nose. The colds would begin after taking cold food and drinks or during change of season.

He was very fond of fish and chicken, inspite of the fact that he came from a vegetarian family. He disliked sweets. He was a hyperactive child and very restless all the time. He was very talkative. Another peculiar thing about his nature was, he was very possessive about his things and would not share them with anyone. He was scared of being in darkness.

His father had a history of Asthmatic bronchitis in childhood and grandmother had history of brain tumor and thyroid dysfunction.

Based on the above history, he was prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum 200 along with a dose of Thuja and within 8 months of the treatment he was much better than before. The number of Asthma attacks had reduced as well as the severity of the attacks was less. He would not require antibiotics and nebulization as before. His general immunity significantly improved and he would not fall prey to frequent colds as before.

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