34 years old man who reported with complaints of shooting pain in the anal region since 10 years. The pain would get worst during stools. He would also experience increased intensity of pain while sitting or traveling.

This is the case of Mr. N. D (Patient Ref. No. L-5639) a 34 years old male patient who reported to the clinic, with complaints of pain in the anal region since 10 years. He would get shooting pains in the anal region, that would last the whole day long. The pain would get worst during stools. He would also experience increased intensity of pain while sitting, traveling, at night and early morning. Application of hot water would relieve the pain to some extent. There would be some amount of bleeding during the passage of stools. There was no history of passage of mucus with the stools. Bowels would be chronically constipated and he would have to strain much to pass stools.

His appetite was normal and he was very fond of sweets. He disliked spicy, fried and sour foods. Thirst was decreased and he would not take much water. He would be comfortable in warm weather and could not tolerate cold atmosphere or AC. Constitutionally, he was tall and lean and had the habit of biting his nails whenever he would get anxious.

He was anxious person by nature and would get tensed very easily. Work stress was prominent on his face due to the anxious look. He would get angry rarely and would calm down fast when angry. He would not express his emotions easily.

He had suffered from tuberculosis in the past and there was history of TB in two more family members as well. His father had hypertension, diabetes and ischemic heart disease. His mother had hyperthyroidism.

The patient had been on allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment for fissure in the past and he had also been advised to go in for surgery by a surgeon. But he was was not in favor of surgery and so he decided to opt for homeopathy as the last option. 2 weeks was all that was required to give him more than 80-90% relief in his symptoms of painful defecation and he was back to his work. He was prescribed Nitric Acid 30 for his complaints along with Capsicum 200. He continued the treatment for some more time and his symptoms were under good control. He would not have any bleeding or pain and his complaint of chronic constipation was also effectively taken care of with the medicines. At the end of one year the patient stated that he had completely forgotten the fissure now.

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